FLOYD MAYWEATHER CONFIRMS THAT HIS DAUGHTER YAYA MAYWEATHER IS PREGNANT: Floyd Mayweather has confirmed tha this daughter Yaya Mayweather is pregnant with rapper NBA Youngboy's baby. During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Mayweather said, “Always want the best (for her). If that makes her happy, then we’re happy – me and her mother (Melissia Rene Brim) are happy.” He continued, “What I try not to do is be in her personal business because once she’s no longer under my roof, then you know what, it’s between her and her better half.” He also discussed NBA Youngboy referring to him as Yaya's “b*tch a** daddy,” saying, “Well, my thing is this: it has to do with your upbringing. It starts in the home first. What I’ve always taught my daughter is this: always be respectful when you’re going to anyone’s home. And whatever goes on in your home, don’t talk about it to the world.” He added, “As far as NBA… I look at NBA YoungBoy as a child. I can’t get upset with a kid like that. It could’ve been one of those days for him.”

KEKE PALMER POSTS PHOTO KISSING MYSTERY MAN: On Halloween, KeKe Palmer posted a video of herself kissing a mystery man. She captioned the video, “Rare footage of me in the process of becoming randomly suspicious of someone I trust because I struggle with distinguishing reality from my crippling anxiety and emotional trauma.” Many fans were surprised to see KeKe kissing a white man. Reports say that KeKe and the mystery man have been together for a while.

JEANNIE MAI SAYS SHE AND JEEZY WILL HAVE TWO WEDDINGS: Jeannie Mai has revealed that her and fiance Jeezy will have two weddings. During an interview with Access Hollywood, she said, “My mom being Vietnamese wants a very Vietnamese traditional wedding. She wants Jay, my fiancé, to wear the Vietnamese garb and to do some of the Vietnamese practices like the tea ceremony.” She continued, “I obviously want a fun throwdown with pizza afterward. I want to have a couple of Dancing With The Stars dances in our reception. So we’ve decided that we’re gonna have two weddings. We’re gonna have one the way me and Jay want and then we’ll have one for Mama Mai, just cause if we don’t we’re gonna hear it for the rest of our lives.”

DAVE CHAPELLE TO HOST FIRST POST ELECTION EPISODE OF 'SNL': Dave Chapelle is set to host the first post election episode of Saturday Night Live on November 7th. Chappelle's last time hosting SNL was Nov. 12, 2016, the weekend after that year's presidential election.