GABRIELLE UNION OPENS UP ABOUT HOW COVID-19 HAS AFFECTED WORK FOR BLACK ENTERTAINERS: During an Instagram Live interview, Gabrielle Union opened up about how COVID-19 has affected black celebrities. She said, “For most certainly black entertainers, black 'celebrities' we don’t really… for all of the Oprahs and the people who have just a lot a lot a lot a lot of money- most of us are one or two checks away from not having money to pay for all of our things, you know what I mean?" She continued, "So this stoppage of work and money is impacting marginalized 'celebrities' the most. You know like all those influencers you see who take all the trips, they’re in Dubai one week and they’re London in the next week in Paris next week and they seem to be everywhere. They may not have a lot of liquid income. And you can charge your rent. You have to pay your rent. So if you don’t have the opportunity to do all the things you need to do to be the influencer, your money’s funny. And if your money is funny, you don’t have much of anything.” 

'INSECURE' RENEWED FOR SEASON 5: Insecure has been renewed for season 5. Amy Gravitt, executive vice president of HBO Programming said in a statement, “We’re thrilled that Issa, Prentice, and the whole Insecure team will be getting back together for a fifth season. As we laugh and cringe with recognition, their stories make us all feel a little less alone in the world.” The show's fourth season begun last month.

NENE LEAKES IS IN THERAPY: During a live with Jennifer Williams, NeNe Leakes revealed that she is currently in therapy due to feeling traumatized after the reunion show of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She said, "I’m seeing a therapist.I’ve had a phone call with the therapist. We haven’t seen each other in person because we can’t, because of quarantine. But, I felt very traumatized. I think, a lot of times, people see the tough exterior and they don’t really know that you hurt inside sometimes like everybody else.” She continued, “The trauma that I experienced in the last few days, I felt, like, it was really time for me to see somebody.”

'GREENLEAF' WILL END AFTER SEASON 5: OWN has announced that Greenleaf will end after its fifth season. Season five is set to premiere in June 2020.