SOURCE SAYS JESSICA BETTS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH NIECY NASH'S DIVORCE: According to The Jasmine Brand, a source says that Niecy Nash's new wife Jessica Betts is not the cause of her divorce from ex-husband Jay Tucker. The source said about Niecy and Jessica, “The two have shared a special bond that blossomed into love.  The couple kept their relationship news to a select few and have been enjoying quarantine together.” The source added, “They decided why wait to get married. The couple is excited about the future together.” The source said that Niecy and Jay “were having issues for a while" and Jessica had nothing to do with the divorce.

GABRIELLE UNION SAYS COVID-19 AND ONGOING RACIAL INJUSTICE HAS HER PTSD IN 'OVERDRIVE':  Gabrielle Union has revealed how the pandemic and ongoing racial violence against Black communities has weighed on her in the last months. Union told Women's Health, “The combination of the pandemic and this racial reckoning, alongside being inundated with [images of] the brutalization of Black bodies, has sent my PTSD into overdrive. There’s just terror in my body." She continued, “I break out my emotional fix-me toolkit, and I try to run through all the situations. I call it my ‘What’s the likelihood of X happening?’ method … If I’m fearful about going into a store because I’m anxious about being robbed, I’ll make myself feel better by going to one where there will be witnesses to cut down those chances. It’s been this way since ’92. It’s just something I do; second nature.”