GABRIELLE UNION OFFERS ADVICE TO PARENTS RAISING A TRANSGENDER CHILD: Gabrielle Union has offered some advice to parents raising a transgender child.  During a recent appearance on The View, she told parents to, “love your child, listen to your child, accept your child. reject the notion that your children are disposable if they are not little mini versions of you. And that creating more of you, in every kind of way, isn’t the solution to keeping them safe or paving the way for a happy life." She continued, "Allowing them to be exactly who they are and loving them and supporting them and hopefully guiding them to be a loving, compassionate and open-minded global citizen should be the goal." She added, "We’ve just seen so many times people throw away their kids and it’s … I don’t even have a word to describe it. It’s bizarre, sad, pathetic, heartbreaking. We just want to remind people that loving your kid is actually an option. Loving them, accepting them, helping to guide them in a way that reminds them that they are heard and seen and loved exactly as they are.” Gabrielle's new book Welcome To The Party is out now.

'RHOP' STAR MICHAEL DARBY RECORDED CHEATING ON WIFE ASHLEY?: Real Housewives of Potomac star Michael Darby has allegedly been recorded cheating on his wife. According to BScott, a new video is being circulated online allegedly showing Michael in bed with another woman. In previous seasons, Michael was accused of being on gay hookup app Grindr  and last season he was accused (and sued) by one of the show’s producers for allegedly grabbing his backside. 

RUSSELL SIMMONS DENIES DATING KIMORA LEE SIMMONS WHEN SHE WAS UNDERAGE: Russell Simmons took to social media to deny that he dated ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons when she was underage. Simmons posted a messsage to Kimora on her birthday and one person commented that he dated her while she was underage. Simmons responded, “I never do this but…. That’s not true… She turned 18 right after i met her February fashion week Tyra banks (our bridesmaid) Cindy Crawford Naomi were all back stage at the Mary McFadden show they said i was a modelizer and that i wasn’t gonna stick around… i think that may have inspired her [laughing emoji] (the challenge)." He continued, “We got to know each other by May we were dating. She was legal at 17 But she turned 18 that may her mother and her manager Bethann Hardison approved supported and Rushed us (we really didn’t need a push) and the love affair began." He later deleted the comment.

TAMI ROMAN DEFENDS NENE LEAKESTami Roman has defended NeNe Leakes, saying that she understands why the RHOA star needed therapy after taping the reunion show. She explained on social media, “As someone who’s been on RealityTV a very long time, your mental health can absolutely be affected. Yes you’re involved in drama but that doesn’t negate how that drama & the repercussions play on your psyche, how it affects your family, your business… etc. it’s not unusual for someone to want to seek help at some point.” Tami also spoke on Vivica A. Fox insinuating that NeNe may be on drugs. Tami said, “As far as the other stuff being said, I don’t know anything about that & ive been around her several times.”

SHANNON BROWN ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: According to The ShadeRoom,  former NBA player Shannon Brown was arrested and charged with aggravated assault this past weekend after firing off some shots towards two people who entered his home. Apparently, his front lawn had a "for sale" sign on it, prompting the man and woman to walk in and take a look around. Authorities also report the gate and front door of the property were open.  Shannon was arrested and charged with aggravated assault following the incident.