BET TO AIR LIVE COVERAGE OF GEORGE FLOYD FUNERAL: BET is set to air George Floyd's homegoing service today (June 9th). BET Remembers: George Floyd will be hosted by Marc Lamont Hill. Floyd will be memorialized at The Fountain of Praise Church in Houston. Confirmed guests include Mayor Sylvester Turner, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Rev. Al Sharpton, Attorney Benjamin Crump, Slim Thug, Leela James, Paul Wall, Floyd Mayweather, Congressman Al Green, and Bishop James Dixon. After the memorial service, Floyd will be buried next to his mom in Pearland, Texas.  BET Remembers: George Floyd will air at 12pm est on BET, BET Her,, BET’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page. 

AMANDA SEALES LEFT 'THE REAL' BECAUSE THERE WEREN'T ENOUGH BLACK EXECUTIVES: During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Amanda Seales revealed she left The Real because there weren't enough black people behind the scenes. She explained, “A lot of times we are only considering the people that we’re gonna be on camera with and we don’t necessarily vet like the production company or the network or the actual showrunner." She continued, “I was on a show that on its core base is okay, these are diverse women who are talking about things and keeping it real to a diverse audience. When in reality it’s being run by, you know, a White woman, who doesn’t have the connection to that experience and our topics are being picked by someone who doesn’t. And, you know, our chat is produced by a White man who, even if he has the best of intentions, he has a disconnect by simply his experience in the world from what we’re going to be addressing.” She added, “Then we have, you know, executives on the way up who are all White women and again they have the best of intentions for their company and for their network but not necessarily for my culture. How could they?” 

JESS HILARIOUS IS SICK OF CANCEL CULTURE: Jess Hilarious was dragged on social media after she went off on her fans about "cancel culture." She said, "Why do y’all give up on your own so fast?" She called out people with no platforms who are always trying to take platforms away for having different views. She added, "If you cancel everybody, who we gonna have?!!" Jess admitted that she has made some racially insensitive and homophobic comments but she said that it was reactionary and not an attack on a whole group of people. Of course people had some things to say. One person tweeted, "Jess Hilarious who is pushing 30 btw is mad because we are holding D list celebrities accountable, YES WE CAN CANCEL YALL WHEN YOU ARE GROWN ASS ADULTS WHO ARE CHOOSING TO SPEW IGNORANCE ON YOUR PLATFORMS. YOU MORE MAD AT BEING CANCELLED THEN RACISM?! COLORISM?! POLICE BRUTALITY?" Another person wrote, Jess Hilarious talm bout why we canceling everybody…. B*TCH WHY TF YALL USING YALL PLATFORMS TO SAY INAPPROPRIATE & INSENSITIVE SH*T. Y’all grown as fuck, y’all know right from wrong. Think about what you say before you say it or post it to yo millions of followers DUH🙄."