ISSA RAE SAY SHE IS 'SUPER PROTECTIVE'' OF HER RELATIONSHIPS BECAUSE 'INTERNET CULTURE IS WEIRD & MALICIOUS': In an interview with Rolling Stone, Issa Rae explained why she doesn't show her relationships on the Internet.  She said,  “I just feel super-protective of any relationship I’m in. That’s come from observing and making fun of people over the years who broadcast the most intimate parts of their relationships, then are left with egg on their face.”  She continued, “I know how I am as a consumer. I had the foresight to shield myself from what anybody who was looking for anything on me would try to find, because I know this culture.” She said that the Internet is "weird and malicious" adding, “I’ve just worked really hard to protect myself from the ugliest parts of it.”

'RHOA' REUNION TRAILER RELEASED: The trailer for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion has been released. During the reunion, which was dungeon themed, Porsha and Kenya went at it and Keny also had a few words for Drew. She said, “Your family is not under the same roof. Your baby daddy is under the roof of a jail,” Kenya says to Drew referencing her the father of her 9-year-old son Josiah. Drew, with tears in her eyes, responded to Kenya, saying,  “I knew people would ridicule, and people would troll — But [as] a responsible woman on this platform I’m just so disappointed in you!” Kenya responded “Nice try, Drew, but I call bullish*t!” says Kenya. Marlo also had a few words for Porsha, saying,  “Why are we sitting here in a dungeon theme right now? Because of her lies!” Kandi responded, “Because of the whole situation four years ago…” Porsha responded, “To bring four years ago up today to try to add and condemn me with Bolo — because I’m a single f*****g woman and I can do whatever I want!” Part 1 of the reunion airs on Aprii 25th at 8pm EST.

PHAEDRA PARKS IS RETURNING TO BRAVO: It looks like Phaedra Parks will be returning to Bravo next month. According to People, Phaedra is set to appear on a special episode called “Bravo Blasts from the Past: Real Housewives” on May 6th. Bravo plans to air a marathon of nostalgic and special episodes, including this one, during “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: A-MAY-Zing Bravo Party Week.” Cohen said in a statement, “This week is our gift for Bravo fanatics.  I can’t wait to catch up with some of my favorite pals from Bravo past, present and future."

TINY AND SHEKINAH UNFOLLOW EACH OTHER ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Tiny and her good friend Shekinah Anderson have unfollowed eachother on social media after Shekinah went online to defend Tiny against the sexual assault claims against her and her husband. Sabrina Peterson, who accused Tip of holding a gun to her head, hopped on a live with Shekinah earlier this week, saying, “Not sure what your legal team is saying but woman to woman STOP TALKING ABOUT this legal matter online. You are making the situation worst. I’m actually feeling bad for you.”  Since then, Tiny and Shekinah have unfollowed each other on Instagram.