JAMIE FOXX SUFFERS A 'MEDICAL COMPLICATION': Jamie Foxx's family has issued a statement, revealing that Foxx is recovering from a “medical complication.” Foxx's 26-year-old daughter Corrine said in a statement, “From the Foxx Family: We wanted to share that, my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday. Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery.” Corrine continued, “We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time.”

MO'NIQUE SUES CBS AND PARAMOUNT OVER 'THE PARKERS' ROYALTIES: According to The Associated Press, Mo'Nique has filed suit against Paramount and CBS for alleged unpaid royalties owed to her from The Parkers. The breach-of-contract lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court has alleged that the defendants artificially depressed the show’s profitability to “retain millions that would otherwise be contractually due” to Mo’Nique’s production company. The suit added, “While the Series has proven to be a major financial success for its producers and distributors, the series’ talent have not been permitted to share in the fruits of that success.” The suit was filed by Hicks Media, the production company Mo'Nique owns with her husband and business partner Sydney Hicks. It names as defendants CBS Studios, Paramount Pictures and the show’s production company Big Ticket Productions. It seeks monetary damages to be determined at trial. The suit says the series’ creators and writers have been similarly underpaid, and that Mo’Nique learned of the alleged breach of contract when they recently filed a similar lawsuit. Mo'Nique said in a statement, “I just want the contractual compensation that I’ve earned.”

MARTIN LAWRENCE TO GET A STAR ON THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME: Martin Lawrence is set to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Reports say that the actor's star ceremony will take place on April 20th, 2023. Martin revealed in a Youtube video, “We did it, bruh! We did it! All the way from Landover, Washington D.C., all the way to Hollywood. We did it. Oh, man. God bless. God bless.”

FEDERAL PROSECUTORS WILL NOT FILE CHARGES IN THE DEATH OF SHANQUELLA ROBINSON: Reports say that the U.A. Attorney's office in North Carolina and the FBI have announced that authorities will not pursue criminal charges in the death of Shanquella Robinson. In a statement, Attorney Dena King and the FBI said there wasn’t enough evidence of wrongdoing to issue criminal charges in the case. Officials said in a statement, “Based on the autopsy results and after a careful deliberation and review of the investigative materials by both U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, federal prosecutors informed Ms. Robinson’s family today that the available evidence does not support a federal prosecution.” Family Attorney Sue-Ann Robinson revealed in a statement, “Back and brown people always have to carve their own path to justice.” She continued, “The U.S. authorities have to understand and have to know that, even if we’re them — it’s not about Shanquella — that United States citizens cannot go to Mexico, commit a crime that we all saw on a video, and then come back to America and say ‘we’re on base. We’re safe. We’re not going to be charged with a crime.' That cannot be the message that the U.S. authorities want to send.”