SOURCE SAYS JAMIE FOXX IS 'STILL NOT HIMSELF': Despite John Boyega recently said in an interview that his They Cloned Tyrone co-star Jamie Foxx was doing good, a source said that the actor is “still not himself.” According to People, the source said, “He is getting the best care and working hard to recover right now, but he is still not himself. He has the tightest circle around him.”

NAOMI CAMPBELL RECENTLY WELCOMED A BABY BOY AT 53: Naomi Campbell has announced that she has welcomed a baby boy at the age of 53. Naomi posted a photo holding her baby boy, along with the caption, “My little darling, know that you are cherished beyond measure and surrounded by love from the moment you graced us with your presence. A True Gift from God.” She added, “It’s never too late to become a mother.” The iconic model welcomed her first child back in 2021.

JADA PINKETT SMITH SAYS 'RED TABLE TALK' IS 'DEFINITELY COMING BACK': Jada Pinkett-Smith has revealed that Red Table Talk is “definitely coming back.” During a recent interview, she said, “We’ve had a couple platforms reach out to us. And we have some interesting avenues that we’re looking at now. You know me, I’m always looking for the next innovative thing.” She continued, “Actually, there’s one idea that we have in mind that I’m kind of excited about that will probably be happening, maybe, close to the release of the book. We’ve got some really interesting stuff happening with RTT. I’m excited about that journey as well.”

JACKY OH'S PLASTIC SURGEON SAYS HE'S STILL TAKING PATIENTS FOLLOWING HER DEATH: Jacky Oh's plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Okhah has released a new video on to Instagram, saying that he is still in “good standing” in the state of Florida. Hesaid, “My name has been in the tabloid media and, understandably, sensationalized… given the circumstances. I want to clarify some facts that have not been reported and are public knowledge.” He continued, “I am not willing to operate, without exception, on any patient if my preoperative protocols for medical clearance are not wholly met. That means, another physician, of the patient’s choosing, examines the patient and verifies that patient’s fitness for surgery–in conjunction with other tests and labs that I request. This is a standard protocol to ensure all aspects of a patient’s health are medically considered.” Okhah added that he has taken on 2,000 patients, with a grand estimate of nearly 6,000 hours in the operating room, since graduating from Brown University.