KENYA BARRIS AND EVA LONGORIA REPORTEDLY TEAM UP FOR 'BROWN-ISH' SERIES ABOUT A MODERN LATINX FAMILY: Kenya Barris was dragged yesterday (May 18th) on social media after it was announced that he is teaming up with Eva Longoria for Brown-ish, a series centering around a modern Latinx family. One person wrote, “I wish they would stop this ish.” Another person wrote, “And he's serious too.”

MATT BARNES RESPONDS TO KWAME BROWN'S INSULTS: Matt Barnes has responded to former basketball star Kwame Brown, who threw insults at him and others in an IG Live this weekend. Brown said, “You want to sit here and make me look a certain way boy, when some n***a done ate yo food, Derek Fisher done opened your door to your house, Derek Fisher got your keys to your truck, you b**ch a** n***a. Send him some gas money so he can pick dem kids up.” He added, “You keep hitting me with basketball jokes, I keep hitting you with your real soft a**, punk a** life.” Barnes responded, saying, “I was confused because I never said nothing about dude, but obviously coming for us, or coming for me, you know you gon’ get attention. I think that’s all you were searching for. Bro, you been getting made fun of since you entered the league cause you didn’t live up to expectations, people laugh and joke about you all the time. Me, I didn’t do that. Never laughed, never joked bacasuse I don’t talk about people like that.” He added, “Once I heard you talking s**t, I DM’d you like a man because I felt if it was something I really said, we could talk about it.”

CEASER EMMANUEL'S EX CLAIMS HE IS USING THEIR DAUGHTER FOR A STORYLINE ON 'BLACK INK CREW: Black Ink: NY star Ceasar Emmanuel's ex Crystal has blasted him, saying that he is using his daughter Cheyenne for a storyline. The aftermath of the physical altercation he had with his daughter was aired on the latest episode. After the episode aired, Crystal took to Instagram to respond, saying that Ceasar is lying to save face. She said, “He gets physical with my child. My child has a towel on. My child barricaded herself in a room with a dresser and called me. She didn’t have her phone. He took the phone and called me through her iMac.” Crystal said that she called 911 since she couldn't get in touch with Ceasar. She continued, “She was bleeding in her face. Her weave was –– you would have thought my daughter had a fistfight with a female. The police report…they took pictures. I have pictures. He was found guilty in the state of New York for neglect of his child. It’s public record.” She added, “You’re using your daughter. How could you lie on your own child? That doesn’t make no sense to me. How could you lie on your own daughter to make yourself look good?”

BET AWARDS RETURNING NEXT MONTH: BET has announced that the BET Awards are returning next month. The show is set to air live from the Microsoft Theater on June 27th. The BET Awards will feature a live audience comprised of vaccinated individuals.