'RHOA'S DREW SIDORA RESPONDS TO KENYA MOORE'S 'CULTURAL APPROPRIATION' CLAIMS: Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora has addressed Kenya Moore accusing her of cultural appropriation for "dressing as an Indian on Halloween." Drew initially called out Kenya for her Native American Halloween costume during the Halloween episode of RHOA, so she turned the tables and shared photos of Drew in her costume. Drew said, “In this climate of addressing diversity, I am happy to put a spotlight on my indigenous background from my maternal side of the family.  According to my mother, I am part of the Choctaw Native American Tribe, and my great-grandparents grew up and lived in Coushatta, Louisiana, all their lives.” She also revealed that during a family reunion, she inherited an authentic ‘tribal garment’ and wore it to the celebration.

SCOTTIE PIPPEN'S SON LAID TO REST: Scottie Pippen's son Antron was laid to rest this past weekend in Georgia. Antron's mom Karen Pippen paid tribute to her son, saying, "Your wings were ready but my heart wasn't." She added, "I will miss you tremendously."  Antron died on April 18th, 2021. He was 33.

MELODY HOLT DRAGS MARTELL HOLT AFTER HE ACKNOWLEDGES FIFTH CHILD: Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Melody Holt dragged her ex husband Martell Holt for acknowledging his child with his mistress while posting a photo of their daughter Malani. He captioned the photo, “Daddy does all he can for his 5 troopers, but today is my little girl Malani’s first day of school."  He added, "Daddy saw each one off the same way, so 4 down and 1 to go!🦾 #daddysgirl #father #lovelife #enjoylife Let’s go!”  Melody responded,  “And the disrespect CONTINUES so let World War TEN begin! When you wanna admit to the world that you fathered a child while you’re married DO Not have my child sitting on your lap." She continued, “Announce your affair born child on your own TIME, NOT with my daughter (you know the one who you refused to help with after I had her, the one you refused to see on her first birthday, the one you got NOTHING for for Christmas)?? " She added, " . . . where’s my $17k, why am I keeping utilities on at HIS house because my kids are there at times, and the school you dropping her off at, I PAID for that….it’s just a NO & ENOUGH fa me with the putting on! Like I said, World War TEN. You ain’t even sat down and told your children conceived in marriage that you have an outside child, but you gone confirm it on the net? Holding my youngest child? GTFOH. Stop with the clown moves.