BILL MAHER CALLS OUT KEVIN HART FOR WHITE PRIVILEGE COMMENT, KEVIN RESPONDS: On Friday (June 11th), Bill Maher called out Kevin Hart for recent comments he made about white privilege. During an interview with The NY Times, Hart said, "You're witnessing white power and privilege at an all-time high." Maher responded, saying that Kevin Hart and others have a case of "progress o phobia," saying that the US has achieved progress in race relations, gay rights, drug policies, and more and although there are still work to do, things are better than ever. Kevin took to Twitter to respond, saying, "The internet has put a magnifying glass on how dominant racism still is in our country….to ignore that @billmaher is ridiculous….To take my quote literally is also ridiculous…. u are witnessing the same craziness that I am…" He added, "When I speak of white privilege I’m speaking of moments that make no sense….for example “The storming of the capital” ….if they were black they would have been killed on the spot…to act as if white privilege does not exist is just stupid when it is as clear as day."

THE CAST OF 'INSECURE' WRAPS ON THE LAST DAY OF FILMING: The cast of Insecure wrapped the final day of shooting this weekend. Yvonne Orji wrote via Instagram, “Last night we said goodbye and God Bless to, not only Molly, but also to our fearless leader, @the_a_prentice. We cried a river, group-hugged, ate cake & popped multiple bottles. I’m gon’ miss the heck outta these beautiful people. This wasn’t just a show with some co-stars that I HAD to work with. This was a family that I was privileged to grow with, learn from, and do life with.” Issa also wrote via IG, “WRAPPED a show I’ve been writing for 8 years and shooting for 6, surrounded by a chosen family of incredible creatives. One day I’ll be able to properly articulate what each and every person involved in the making of this show has meant to me and how they’ve changed me for the better.”

CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER DENIES STEALING A JOKE FROM KATT WILLIAMS: Cedric The Entertainer has denied stealing a joke from Katt Williams for the Kings of Comedy special back in 1999. He said, “Look, I have no idea what this brother is talking about. That joke is over 30 years old, close to 30 something years old. I did The [Original] Kings of Comedy in 1999, probably had been doing that joke six-seven years before that. I don’t even know if Katt was doing comedy then.” He added, ”So again, he a talented brother.  I have no idea what he talking about. I’ve never seen Katt do a space shuttle joke. That may be something he believes is true. I’ve written a lot of jokes. I’ve had a lot of comedians steal my jokes as well, so I understand if he feels slighted by that but that’s my joke. That’s my joke, dog.”

FALYNN GUOBADIA AND JAYLAN BANKS SAY THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS: After sharing a boomerang of himself and Falynn Guobadia having drinks, Jaylan Banks reiterated that he and Falyn are just friends. Banks wrote in the Shaderoom's comments, “So…I find it real funny how these comments are bashing us because we are hanging out as friends LIKE WE’VE been doing for the past two years but it’s fine for a married man to be engaged while married.” Falynn also commented, saying, “Y’all need to chill. Jaylan has always posted me. Y’all just didn’t know about it bc you didn’t know who he was. NO ONE writes my narrative but ME so know this NOW…Jaylan is my best friend. He will continue to be so and I will continue to live my life as I please.”  As previously reported, Simon Guobadia  has claimed that Falynn was having an affair with Jaylan and that she is pregnant by him.

SAFAREE DENIES IMPREGNATING ANOTHER WOMAN: Safaree Samuels has denied impregnating another woman. As previously reported, Samuels' estranged wife Erica Mena has filed for divorce and it was recently revealed that she doesn't want him present when she gives birth to their second child. Safaree wrote via IG Story, “I have 1 baby about to be born, stop spreading cap..” He added, “only posting because of a dumba*s family member who I just blocked.”  Erica filed for divorce from Safaree back in May. They tied the knot in October of 2019.

GARY OWEN'S ESTRANGED WIFE RESPONDS TO HIS WENDY WILLIAMS INTERVIEW: Gary Owen's estranged wife Kenya Duke has responded to his recent interview with Wendy Williams. Gary said that there is a "big twist" in his divorce with Kenya and he is not at liberty to share yet. Kenya wrote via instagram,“Gary, while I am not pressed, I am highly irritated.  I was shocked you spent most of your time talking about me, the divorce, son and daughter. If the streets are that good then why waste that opportunity and not talk about upcoming projects?” She added, “I never realized the person I helped the most was actually the one I should have been protecting myself from. Please hug Gary when you see him.” Duke filed for divorce back in March.

MIMI FAUST SAYS ENGAGEMENT TO TY YOUNG PUT A STRAIN ON THEIR RELATIONSHIP: During an interview with with Tami Roman on Fox Soul's Get Into It, Mimi Faust said that her engagement to Ty Young put a strain on a relationship.  She said, “I think the turning point for me was the engagement…that’s not what I wanted.  I had expressed this to Ty, but Ty is a natural-born athlete, she’s a natural-born winner. She’s just used to getting what she wants, and that is what she wanted and she pressed forward with what she wanted.” Mimi added that she didn't speak up about not wanting to be engaged because she has always struggled with voicing her feelings since her childhood. She explained, "I wouldn’t speak up for myself because I was afraid if I spoke up I might get kicked out [of Scientology”]. So my voice got really muffled and lost, and that just stuck with me until my adulthood."