FX PICKS UP KEVIN HART-EXECUTIVE PRODUCED COMEDY SERIES: FX has picked up the Kevin Hart-executive produced comedy series, starring rapper/comedian Lil Dicky. According to Complex, the show is semi-autobiographical and follows the rapper’s road to stardom. Dicky said about the show, “I’m so thankful for everyone who made this possible, it really is what I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. I love making people laugh, it’s my favorite thing ever. And even though I’m still fully in love with and committed to my career as a rapper, I’m excited to write jokes that don’t need to rhyme every time. Ugh, that rhymed.”

SAFAREE’S ALLEGED ROBBERS INDICTED ON SEVEN CHARGES: According to TMZ, the three men accused of robbing Love & Hip Hop: New York’s Safaree Samuels have been indicted on seven charges. The charges include armed robbery in the first degree, and unlawful possession in the second degree. The men were also charged with one count of resisting arrest because they reportedly fled the scene after crashing their car. They were later captured by police in Manhattan. If convicted, they will face up to 20 years in prison.