KOBE BRYANT'S NIKE DEAL IS OVER: Nike has released a statement, confirming reports that Kobe Bryant's estate has not renewed the late basketball icon's deal with the brand. The brand said in a statement, “Kobe Bryant was an important part of Nike’s deep connection to consumers. He pushed us and made everyone around him better. Though our contractual relationship has ended, he remains a deeply loved member of the Nike family.”

DAVE CHAPPELLE IS GOING BACK TO AFRICA: During an interview on Naomi Campbell's podcast No Filter, Dave Chappelle revealed that he wants to follow in Stevie Wonder's footsteps and move to Ghana for good. He said, “As a Black American, who amongst us is more valued and respected than Stevie Wonder?” Chappelle asks. “The idea that he would feel this way at this stage in his life and career … I think that Stevie is the soul of American culture and if the soul leaves the body then this thing is dead. I thought I’ll follow him over there, or I’ll go myself. I’ll do it for him.”

KEKE PALMER DOESN'T BELIEVE IN BEING A GIRLFRIEND: KeKe Palmer took to social media to reveal that she doesn't believe in being a girlfriend. She said, “Dudes be like, ‘I want you to be my girlfriend.’ But are you going to marry me?! Are we ready to take it somewhere out of kid world? Because I’m not trying to be locked into nothin’ unless you’re going to lock me in for life. Because we can just be friends and kick it ’til you’re ready to go.” She added, “I don’t believe in girlfriend and boyfriend. I’m single till I’m married. Let’s just kick it love.”

SAFAREE IS OUTRAGED OVER THE MURDER OF A 7-YEAR-OLD CHICAGO GIRL: Safaree Samuels took to social media to express his outrage over the fatal shooting of a seven-year-old girl from Chicago. Jaslyn Adams was shot and killed this past weekend while in the car with her dad at a McDonald's drive thru. Her father survived the shooting and is currently in the hospital in serious condition. Safaree tweeted, “7 year old shot and killed and it wasn’t by a police officer so what’s the next step? Who do we hold accountable?? Or do we pick and choose when we stand together??? Disgusting!!!!!”

LEVAR BURTON WANTS TO HOST JEOPARDY: LeVar Burton is very serious about being the new host of Jeopardy. Longtime host Alex Trebec died in November 2020 of pancreatic cancer. The Reading Rainbow legend previously reposted a petition that called for him to step in to be the new host. Over 245,000 people signed the petition. During an interview last week, Burton said, “This is something that I really think is a good idea. I think it’s a good fit of what the show is, what the show requires and what I feel like I bring to the table.” He added, “I feel as strongly about my rightness for this as I did about Kunta and Geordi. And I’m that invested in getting the job.”