REP FOR PILOT IN KOBE BRYANT'S HELICOPTER CRASH BLAMES ACCIDENT ON PASSENGERS: According to TMZ, the representative of Ara George Zobayan, the pilot who was flying the helicopter that killed Kobe and Gianna Bryant, along with 6 other passengers, has claimed the people on board were responsible for the fatal crash. In addition, Island Express, the helicopter company also filed an answer to Kobe's wife Vanessa Bryant's recent claim, saying that Kobe and Gianna "had actual knowledge of all of the circumstances, particular dangers, and an appreciation of the risks involved."

EDDIE MURPHY PAYS TRIBUTE TO LITTLE RICHARD WITH NEW CHARACTER: Eddie Murphy paid tribute to Little Richard with his new character Murray Murray during Feeding America Comedy Fundraiser. The comedica special was co-produced by Funny or Die and hosted by fellow comedians Kenan Thompson, Billy Crystal, Tiffany Haddish and Byron Allen. He said in the fake documentary, “If you got a record player, you know Murray Murray. If I got this voice and Jesus couldn’t sing, then it must be the Voice of the Lord. All I am is a gift from God.” Murray Murray also said during the fake doc, “I coined the phrase ‘I have a dream,’ before Martin Luther King. That was actually going to be the name of my album, ‘I Have a Dream.’ He liked the way that flowed, with a good hook. He took that and run with it.”  “The Feeding America’ special will re-air on The Weather Channel Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 8 p.m. EDT/PDT, and on Comedy.TV. 

KHIA DISSES ERICA MENA AND SAFAREE FOR STARTING ONLYFANS ACCOUNTS, ERICA AND SAFAREE RESPOND: Erica Mena and Safaree has responded to Khia for slamming them for starting OnlyFans pages and being married with a newborn baby.  Khia said, “Didn’t these m***** just get married not a year ago and just had a newborn baby girl? And these m****** is making fans only and Porn Hub accounts?” She added, “You mean to tell me, these h*** and they husbands is so broke, hungry and thirsty that they setting up fans only and porn hub accounts, for food and water together as a couple?" Erica clapped back, sharing her earnings for the first week on the app, which was more than $50,000. She said, “This was just in the beginning of my first WEEK.  what I used to post on IG for FREE. And let’s get this very clear I am doing this just for FUN. Didn’t think living my happily married life would cause such a major crack head to have such an issue.” She later deleted the post.