KOBE BRYANT CRASH: HELICOPTER COMPANY'S INSURANCE WON'T COVER LAWSUIT: The helicopter company involved in the Kobe Bryant crash has revealed that the company's insurance won't be enough to cover Vanessa Bryant's lawsuit and the potential lawsuits from the family of the six other passengers on the doomed aircraft. According to TMZ, sources say that Island Express had liability insurance coverage totaling $50 million — and a more appropriate amount would have been closer to $100 million. Vanessa Bryant is asking for both compensatory and punitive damages — and in terms of compensatory damages, Kobe's family alone might be entitled to hundreds of millions of dollars because his earning potential was enormous. Although Vanessa is the only family member that has sued, sources say that other family members have already lawyered up. As for Island Express, Matt Drummelsmith, president of Aviation Specialty Insurance said that the company will probably end up shutting down since the crash was almost certainly caused by pilot error and it is unlikely that the company will ever get insurance again. In other Kobe news, several people who attended Kobe's memorial at the Staples Center are selling souvenir items from the event — from ticket stubs to program booklets and they are asking for thousands of dollars on eBay. The average starting bid for the Kobe Memorial bundles are around $3,000 — with a $5,000 “Buy It Now” price.

JUSSIE SMOLLETT CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN HIS INNOCENT: A TMZ photographer caught up with Jussie Smollett as we was leaving LAX yesterday (February 25th) and he is maintaining his innocence that he never staged a hate crime against himself. When asked how he feels about the justice system at this point, he said, “it's definitely frustrating but you have to fight or die at this point.” When asked if he is still claiming innocence, he said,”I don't claim to be innocent, I am innocent.” When asked about his legal team filing a motion for the case to be dismissed over double jeopardy, he said, “The truth is the best defense. Which they know nothing about.”

KENYA MOORE IS TIRED OF HER HUSBAND MARC 'KISSING NENE'S A**': During a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, Kenya Moore spoke on her ongoing issues with NeNe Leakes and what occured on Sunday's episode. On Sunday's episode, NeNe and Gregg showed up to Kenya and Marc's couples event. Kenya invited Gregg and decided not to invite Nene but Marc wanted NeNe and Gregg at the event. She said,”I have a problem with the fact that he’s always kissing Nene’s a** from meeting her once or twice and she introduced Gregg to him. So somehow that made him feel so good and so important that he like, is riding for her.” She continued, “I’m like but what about me, I’m your wife. You need to ride for me. If someone mistreats me, they mistreat you. We are a family, we’re one. So I don’t understand why if I’m constantly telling you that this woman is evil to me, she’s talked about our unborn child. Why do you like her?”