L.A. LAKERS TO WEAR KOBE BRYANT TRIBUTE JERSEYS IN BA PLAYOFFS: According to TMZ, The L.A. Lakers will rock spcial Kobe Bryant tribute jerseys during the playoffs, which will include a patch to honor Gigi Bryant.  The team will debut the jerseys on August 24, which is Kobe Bryant Day in Orange County.

LISARAYE SAYS SHE WANTS AN ENTANGLEMENT WITH WILL SMITH: LisaRaye McCoy recently sat down with Garcelle Beauvais on Going to Bed and wen asked who she'd like to have as a romantic partner, McCoy said that she finds Will Smith attractive. When Garcelle reminded LisaRaye that Smith is very married, LisaRaye said, “We can have an entanglement.” She continued, “I’m saying a Will Smith type, you know. He’s so charming. He’s rich, a poetic [sic], he’s a philanthropist. He’s a humanitarian, a great dad.”

TAVIS SMILEY ORDERED TO PAY $1.6 MILLION TO PBS FOR BREAKING MORALS CLAUSE: According to The New York Post, a judge has ordered TV host Tavis Smiley to pay $2.6 million to PBS for breaking his morals clause and having multiple affairs with his subordinates.  The $2.6 million awarded to PBS includes $1.9 million in “liquidated damages.” The awarded money also includes $702,898 to reimburse corporate underwriters for the money they paid to TS Media during the two seasons. Smiley also will not be able to ask for a reduction in the jury award.  The jurors heard deposition testimony from six women who accused Smiley of misconduct over the course of a three-week trial.

THE MAN THAT MURDERED MICHAEL JORDAN'S DAD GRANTED PAROLE: According to TMZ, one of the men convicted in the murder of Michael Jordan's father James Sr., back in 1993 was granted parole yesterday (August 18th). Larry Demery is set to be released in 2023. Jordan's father was shot to death while sleeping in his car at a rest stop in North Carolina. His body was dumped off a bridge in South Carolina and recovered 11 days later.

GIZELLE BRYANT SAYS HER DAUGHTERS ARE NOW OKAY WITH HER DATING EX HUSBAND: When asked if her daughters have come around to the idea of her dating their dad Pastor Jamal Bryant again, Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant told E! News , “Yes, of course they have. That was like a year or so ago. We’re doing great. I mean it’s a little tough in this pandemic because you can’t get up and fly wherever you want to go and meet somebody. So it’s been a little tough on us, but we’re doing great.” When asked if she would marry Bryant again, she said, “That is like the million dollar question. I mean, yes. I’m not opposed to it. If he asked me I would say yes, but you know the timing has gotta be right. Clearly I’m not getting married tomorrow. We have another wedding to go to. It’s called The Dixons.”