VANESSA BRYANT BREAKS DOWN DURING DAY TWO OF KOBE BRYANT PHOTO TRIAL: Yesterday (August 11th) was the second day of Kobe Bryant photo trial and reports say that Kobe's widow Vanessa Bryant was in tears during the opening statements of the trial. Meanwhile, according to TMZ, a bartender in Los Angeles bartender testified after allegedly laughing after being shown the photos from the Kobe Bryant death scene. He denied laughing although it appeared that he was in still images taken from a surveillance camera at the bar.

MEGAN GOOD WANTS TO HAVE 'KIDS AT SOME POINT': During a recent interview, Megan Good says she'd like to have children one day. The 41-year-old explained what's on her bucket list righw now, saying “The biggest thing for me, I was like, as I got into my 40s, I want to do more action, I want to do more kick a** stuff.” She continued, “A lot more directing. Hopefully kids at some point, or a kid. Traveling, more traveling. Creating more vehicles for young, black girls. Make sure that they are able to show that they are more than how somebody may see them, but that they’re capable of so many different things. A lot more talking, mentoring, speaking. So, it just depends.”