VANESSA BRYANT ON MAMBA DAY: 'LIFE TRULY ISN'T FAIR': Vanessa Bryant took to social media yesterday (April 13th) to remember her husband as he was honored by Nike on Mamba Day. She wrote, “My husband worked his a** off for 20 years. Gave it his all. All he wanted was to spend time with our girls and me to make up for lost time. He wanted to be there for every single milestone and special moment in our girls lives. He only got to enjoy 3 years and 9 months of retirement.” She added, “I wish I could back to that morning, every day. I wish they had a normal local game on 1/26. Life truly isn’t fair. This is just senseless.”

FANS ARE WORRIED THAT WENDY WILLIAMS HAVE RELAPSED AFTER ERRATIC BEHAVIOR ON LIVE SHOW: Fans are worried about Wendy Williams after watching her live show yesterday morning (April 13th). Wendy is taping from home while in quarantine and fans noted that during the show, her behavior seemed erratic and her appearance was disheveled. The talk show host could just be feeling down due to the coronavirus pandemic. She broke down during her show after her guest Michael Yo discussed people dying alone due to the coronavirus in the hospital.

JEANNIE MAI OPENS UP ABOUT HER ENGAGEMENT TO JEEZY: Jeannie Mai opened up about getting engaged to Jeezy yesterday (April 13th). She said, “He did exactly what I know him to do during a time where you would think life would stop. J continued with life no matter what. And when it comes to marriage, it’s not just the perfect moments, it’s really about those times, who are you, who is your character when things hit the fan. To see him be the relentless, tenacious man I fell in love with, it puts a whole new meaning to this ring to me.” When Adrienne asked Jeannie if the fact that she was married before will change her approach to this marriage, she said that her divorce from Freddy Harteis was “one of the most traumatic things that can happen.” She said, “You feel like you failed, you feel embarrassed, all those people that were there at your wedding, all those people who were excited for you. You get jaded. I remember telling you guys, ‘I’m not getting married again.'” She added, “. . . The only reason I recognize healthy love with Jay today is because I took that time to love myself.” She also said she never gave up on love and she and Jay “healed each other.”

NENE LEAKES OPENS UP ABOUT OPEN MARRIAGE RUMORS: NeNe Leakes has opened up about the open marriage rumors about her and hubby Gregg Leakes. In an interview with Extra TV, when asked if her marriage is open, she said, “No, it is not. I think the reason why people think that is first of all they see there is an age difference between Gregg and I. I have been with Gregg since I was 28 years old. He was young and I was young so now they think that since he has gotten older, are they doing anything in the bedroom? Well the answer to that question is we’re doing a lot in the bedroom.” She continued, “I am a flirt and my husband knows that. I like to flirt, I like men, but I’m not sleeping with these men, and my husband is very much okay with that.”

NICOLE ARI PARKER WANTS MORE ATTENTION FROM HUSBAND BORIS KODJOE: Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe joined Chris Spencer and wife Vanessa Spencer's Date Night Instagram Live. Nicole reealed that she'd like more attention from her husband, saying, “Sometimes in the last year or so, I thought ya know, I wish that he was my boyfriend again. I don’t necessarily want to be single but I miss the single life. I miss the text messages for no reason. I miss the coming up from behind me when I’m scrambling eggs and just kissing me on the back of my neck.” She continued, “I personally believe that if you’re in it for the long hall that freshness and newness is still possible if you talk about it. I know we talk about date night, we need to go have a date night. I know we talk about kissing and texting for no reason, but the last you texted me was over the cabinet guy.” The two have been married for 14 years and have two kids together.

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