LALA ANTHONY SAYS SHE SPEAKS TO VANESSA BRYANT 'EVERYDAY': LaLa Anthony says that she speaks to her good friend Vanessa Bryant everyday to check on her. She told People, “I talk to her every single day. And I just always say, ‘Continue to send her great energy and pray for her.’ That’s important and just trying to be a great friend. But when you’re friends with somebody, you don’t have to try, you just do.” She continued, “Good friends are hard to find. So when you find them, you hang on to them no matter what. So it’s great that during this time we’ve been able to stay connected and I only have one child, but our kids have been able to stay connected.”

MO'NIQUE DEMANDS PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM TYLER PERRY: Mo'Nique took to Instagram to give props to Will Smith for apologizing to Janet Hubert during the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion and urged Tyler Perry to apologize to her. She wrote, “Hats off to Will Smith for apologizing for what he did to Janet Huberts (everybody’s Aunt Viv) career/life when he was young. Perhaps Tyler Perry, who has admitted in private that he was wrong will follow suit & be man enough to apologize in public like he promised.” The actress continued, “We’ll work on Oprah & Lions Gate a little later. P.S. Tyler you won E! PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD for being the peoples champ for your body of work. Tell the truth about a women named Mo’Nique who did nothing wrong & be a champion for the individuals who supported your career for years….THE BLACK WOMEN.” Monique later shared a phone conversation between herself and Tyler. In the conversation, you can hear someone who seems to be Tyler saying, “I feel you. I feel the sadness that’s from you in all of this, and I don’t want you to feel that hunny, especially from me.”

DWIGHT HOWARD REVEALS THAT HE'S MARRIED TO T'EA COOPER: Dwight Howard has revealed that he is now married to his longtime girlfriend T'ea Cooper. When asked about married life, he said, “You know what, I love it. I actually love it, you know it’s uh, new for me. Um, you know I had never had a situation like that. Um, but you know I’m very happy and I think uh, it’s really just brought more peace more happiness. Um, but also it just changed my life you know?” He ontinued, “When you have a really great woman behind you on your side you know it just seems to make everything better, so I’m very grateful uh for her, and you know how she’s uh you know just been like my rock and my foundation.”

'RHOSLC' STAR MARY COSBY DIDN'T SLEEP WITH HER HUSBAND ON THEIR WEDDING NIGHT: Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby revealed that she didn't sleep with her husband — who is also her step-grandfather, on their wedding night. As previously reported, Cosby married her husband following the death of her grandmother. In a clip from a forthcoming episode of the show, she said, “I was actually 22 when we got married. It actually split our church. My mom had a fit because…she wanted my grandmother’s place in the church and felt like she was the one that should be marrying Robert Sr.” She continued, “Our wedding was weird and we didn’t sleep together on our wedding night. Thank goodness I was on my period and the period lasted for about two weeks. He would ask if I’m still on and I said yup! It got awkward.”