LISARAYE SPEAKS ON HER INCIDENT WITH STACEY DASH: LisaRaye recalled the day that her and Stacey Dash got into it on the set of Single Ladies a few years back. The two constantly clased on set and one day Stacey pointed her finger in LisaRaye's face. The actress told podcast, “When that night happened and she flipped out, I don’t believe it was personal at all. I don’t believe she was just coming after me because she’s really not that kind of person. She just got it twisted and f*cked up real quick. She felt like she could talk to me in a way of which I was just going to sit down is the only thing I can think of.” She added, “I could have torn her head off." LisaRaye also revealed that she was approauced to do The Real Housewives a few years back but she declined. She said, “I politely gave them the ‘No Thank You.’ I actually have a legitimate career." She added,  “I’m really not a fan of reality TV right now. It’s so much buffoonery and so much negativity that I’m shocked at the shi* that they show."

CARTEL CREW'S STAR BETTY IDOL'S SISTER SHOT AND KILLED IN MIAMI: Cartel Crew star Betty Idol revealed via Instagram that her younger sister GiGi Brat, born Giselle Rengifo, was shot and killed on Monday evening (May 18th) in Miami. According to The Miami Herald, Giselle went to an AirBnB to hang out with friends and a guy she was dating, who has been identified as 17-year-old Michael McGowan. Giselle was seen on Facetime with McGowan when she allegedly handed her phone to one of her friends at the home. The witnesses reported that gunshots went off and unfortunately saw Giselle on the floor with a gunshot wound to her head. Police suspect that Gigi was shot by Michael McGowan, who is now facing a charge of manslaughter with a deadly weapon. His arrest affidavit says he admitted to the shooting and lhis friends said it was accidental.