LORI HARVEY SAYS SHE IS FOCUSING ON 'SELF LOVE': During an interview with Essence, Lori Harvey said that she is currently focusing on loving herself. She explained, “This moment is about me.  I feel like it’s always been [about] me attached to something or someone. This time, it’s about me. Self-love, self-care, self-reflection. I’m being a little self-ish right now. It’s my time.” She continued, “I know my worth, and I know my value. I’m not going to compromise that, or settle, or accept anything less than what I know I deserve. That’s where I’m at in my life right now. I’m not compromising my peace and happiness for anything or anybody.” This comes after it has been reported that Harvey is dating Damson Idris.

PASTOR LAMOR WHITEHEAD ARRESTED ON EXTORTION CHARGES: Bishop Lamor Whitehead was arrested by federal agents yesterday (December 19th) and charged with fraud, extortion and lying to the FBI. U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said about Whitehead's arrest,  “Lamor Whitehead abused the trust placed in him by a parishioner, bullied a businessman for $5,000, then tried to defraud him of far more than that, and lied to federal agents.  His campaign of fraud and deceit stops now.”