LORI HARVEY TRENDS ONLINE AFTER REPORTS OF A LEAKED SEX TAPE: Lori Harvey was trending online on Friday (August 19th) after Gossip of The City reported that a sex tape of Harvey leaked online. The site posted a screenshot of a text exchange between them and an unnamed party trying to shop around a video of Lori, along with sex tapes of Rihanna and Wendy Williams. Shortly after, Harvey started trending on Twitter.

VOGUE CALLED OUT FOR NOT PROPERLY LIGHTING SUPREME COURT JUSTICE KETANJI BROWN JACKSON: Vogue is being dragged on social media for not properly lighting Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson for her shoot with the magazine. Evette Dionne, Executive Editor for Yes! magazine, quote tweeted Annie Leibovitz's photos and wrote, “Annie Leibovitz and Anna Wintour will one day pay for the crimes they’ve committed against Black women photographed in Vogue.” Twitter user @Kristalisbougie also wrote, “@voguemagazine Please stop hiring Annie Leibovitz to photograph Black women. She doesn’t light them properly and allows them no grace or beauty only stereotypical visual narratives of BW as either 'strong' or beleaguered. Enough already.” The photographs of Ketanji Brown Jackson are set to be released in Vogue's September issue.