MARLON WAYANS CLAIMS 'SCARY MOVIE' FRANCHISE WAS STOLEN FROM THE WAYANS: During an interview with Kevin Hart's Comedy Gold Minds podcast, Marlon Wayans revealed that The Wayans' Scary Movie franchise was taken from them by the "evil" Weinstein Brothers, Bob and Harvey. Bob & Harvey Weinstein are the co-founders of Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company, which distributed the Scary Movie franchise. Marlon explained, “They were evil as f**k. We didn’t walk away from a franchise. They didn’t want to make our deal, and they snatched it. [The] Weinsteins did some really terrible, like ‘rape and pillage villages’-type of business… So it wasn’t that we ever walked away from our franchise that we created. It was taken, and us being the creatives that we are was like ‘All right, bet. F**k you, now watch what I create.'” He continued,  “We probably should sue for hundreds of millions of dollars, because they probably owe us a s**t load of money. And maybe one day we will. But we didn’t walk away from our franchise–them n****s took it.” He added, “By the third one, they didn’t wanna pay the money–so they snatched it. We found out on Christmas that they hired somebody else to go do it. Like n***a, I could write a book about this s**t. Like literally." (The Jasmine Brand)

PORSHA WILLIAMS AND SIMON GUOBADIA WILL HAVE THREE WEDDINGS: During a recent episode of Dish Nation, Porsha Williams revealed that her and her fiance Simon Guobadia are planing to have three wedding ceremonies. She spoke about relating to Gwen Stefani's pain when it comes to planning a wedding, saying, “I think Simon done pulled a page out of Blake’s book, he did say do whatever you want, it’s your day, I want you to experience it all.  I think he kinda put it all on me too, I think I’m feeling Gwen Stefani’s pain here.” She continued that she will have three ceremonies, a “native law and custom”, a “regular” ceremony, and one more wedding at “one of the houses that are out of the country.”

MONTANA YAO DENIES GETTING BACK WITH MALIK BEASLEY: Montana Yao has denied getting back with Malik Beasley after her social media back and forth with Larsa Pippen. She wrote via Instagram on Tuesday night (May 25th), “Some of y’all are trippin.  Who said we back together? Or I took him back? Lmao Just cause I said my son and I appreciate an over due apology? Y’all some weirdos fr and don’t want to see a successful co parenting situation??” She added, “Y’all coming at me as if I haven’t publicly and privately gone off on this man these past few months? Talking about I’m coming for the wrong person. Nah I said what I said to ol girl and it was long over due. Other than that I love y’all who been supporting me throughout this whole thing.” (B. Scott)

REPORT: LYRICA ANDERSON AND A1 TO APPEAR ON 'MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP': The Jasmine Brand has reported that Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood stars Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley is set toe appear on season 18 of We TV's Marriage Boot Camp.  As previously reported, Love & Hip- Hop: Hollywood star Teairra Mari will also join the show next season. (The Jasmine Brand)