BOXING GREAT 'MARVELOUS' MARVIN HAGLER DIES AT 66: Legendary middleweight boxer "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler died on Saturday (March 13th) at age 66. Hagler's wife Kay confirmed the news on Facebook, saying, “I am sorry to make a very sad announcement. Today unfortunately my beloved husband Marvelous Marvin passed away unexpectedly at his home here in New Hampshire. Our family requests that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.” Hagler is known as one of the best middleweight fighters of all time and was the middleweight champ from 1980-1987. NewsOne has reported that prior to Hagler's death, boxing legend Thomas “Hitman” Hearns revealed on social media that Hagler was in ICU fighting for his life due to effects from the COVID-19 vaccine.  Hagler was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993. He’s survived by his wife Kay  and five children from a previous marriage.

FRENCH MAGAZINE SLAMMED OVER COVER IMAGE OF QUEEN ELIZABETH AND MEGHAN MARKLE: French Magazine Charlie Hebdo is being called racist after publishing a cover image of Queen Elizabeth II kneeling on Meghan Markle's neck. The headline asked why Meghan left Buckingham Palace and the answer: “Because I couldn’t breathe anymore.” According to The UK Mirror,  Halima Begum, the head of the British anti-racist think tank Runnymede Trust, tweeted that the image was “wrong on every level."  Black and Asian Lawyers For Justice called the cover “outrageous, disgusting, fascistic racism.”

JESSE WILLIAMS ACCUSED OF CHEATING WITH MARRID GREY'S ANATOMY CO-STAR: Jesse Williams has been put on blast by an actor named Nathan West, who tweeted that Williams was creeping with his wife Chyler Leigh.  Leigh starred on Grey's Anatomy with Jesse.  West added that Williams allegedly took advantage of his wife's vulnerable state as at the time, she was suffering a mental breakdown due to being diagnosed as bi-polar. He tweeted, “It’s taken a lot of years to get here & I’m sorry for that truly but ya’ll need to know that @iJesseWilliams is a #fraud! This guys been manipulating women for way too long. I know ya’ll gonna think I’m wrong cuz ya’ll love #GreysAnatomy but #truth.” After fans asked him to clarify, he later wrote, “Umm… U knew me & (of course my wife;) Hahaha!!! U told me U wanted to be like me cuz I was not just an actor, or musician but a producer. Then u decided my wife should be fair game (when she admits a complete mental break down #bipolar) cause she was trying to figure it out.” He later deleted all of his tweets.

ARI FLETCHER SAYS SHE DID NOT PAY TO BE IN BRITISH 'VOGUE': Ari Fletcher took to social media to clarify that she did not pay to be featured in British Vogue. Fletcher appeared as a model for a paid advertisement for fashion brand Haus of Traviance. After receiving some backlash, Instagram user @brooklynhannaj, who claimed to be an editor at British Vogue, said to Ari, “Being in our advertising section is VERY different from being ‘featured’ in our publication.  Anyone can purchase advertising space in our classifieds. Using a fake font of our masthead to insinuate you are in our publications coveted cover space is incredibly insulting to our actual cover stars. She was simply a model in a designer’s paid advertisement space.”  Ari responded, “Baby, if I could pay to be in VOGUE I would’ve been in there a long time ago.  People are truly sick. It’s so sad that people actually try to steal people joy. Play with the internet all you want, this is chess not checkers.”

DREW SIDORA DIDN'T THINK HER MARITAL ISSUES WOULD BE ON 'RHOA': During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, RHOA star Drew Sidora said that she didn't intend for her marital issues with husband Ralph to be on television. She said, “When Ralph and I got in that argument, and I got up from the table, I felt like he was kind of embarrassed of me.  I was like ‘That’s not what we’re doing for the cameras.’ So when I walked away before, I’m done, cut. And I took off my mic. The cameras followed me in my room with the boom [mic]. I was like ‘I said cut!’ In my world, it’s done. But in reality, that was an adjustment I learned day one. We’re here, we’re catching everything. What you wanna show what you don’t wanna show. That was scary. I didn’t plan on showing my marriage issues.” She added, “That was hard. And it still is." Sidora revealed that she and Ralph are currently in counseling.

#VIRALVIDEO: SALT BAE CAUSES MASS HYSTERIA ON SOCIAL MEDIA AFTER FEEDING WOMAN MEAT IN FRON OF HER MAN: Social media had a lot to say aftera video of Nusret "Salt Bae" Gokce seductively fed a freshly salted piece of meat to a woman that was sitting next to her boyfriend. One person tweeted, "Imagine paying $800 at salt bae’s restaurant for your anniversary and your wifey is giving the eye contact extendo tongue combo for his meat. I’m flipping the f**cking table!" Another person wrote, "Salt Bae dangling meat in this n*gga girls mouth. IN FRONT OF HIM. And he ain’t atleast attempt to send him to the Lord’s Kitchen?"