MONA SCOTT-YOUNG SAYS SHE IS SCRUTINIZED MORE HARSHLY THAN HER MALE COUNTERPARTS: During an upcoming episode of TV One's Uncensored, Mona Scott-Young says that she is criticized more harshly than men in her profession. She said, “Why am I being vilified for doing this when here are shows that have run the gamut? There’s tons of shows about white people that show the full range and it’s okay.  Nobody is hanging any of those producers out to dry, or bringing down the culture for providing the very same opportunities to the cast members of those shows. It’s a hard pill to swallow and it’s something that I live with everyday . . ." He added, "You look at Andy Cohen, you look at Carlos King — Carlos actually worked on the Love and Hip Hop franchise. But they’ve never been pinpointed in the same way. But I think it’s a little bit of the cross that we bear as women in any business we’re in. We’re held to a different standard. We’re scrutinized very differently. I don’t think anyone stops to think about how difficult it is to be competitive in this space."

KEL MITCHELL'S EX-WIFE CLAIMS HE OWES $1.2 MILLION IN BACK CHILD SUPPORT AND SPOUSAL SUPPORT: Kel Mitchell's ex-wife Tyisha Hampton has revealed that Mitchell owes $1.2 million in back child support and spousal support. Posted to a TikTok account titled, ‘”Deadbeatdadkelmitchell,” the video says, “I’m done pretending. KEL MITCHELL You OWE ME 1.2 MILLION in back child/spousal supprt!!!” She added that Kel bought a house, while she was homeless. She explained, “Kel BOUGHT a $800,000 house last year, while I was homeless because he sold our home in the divorce." She later wrote on Instagram, "payyourexkel I’m no longer going to be a victim. I’m collecting everything I’m owed! If you are a fan of his, let him know #payyourex! You can’t be a man of God and not take care of your past responsibilities! You cannot continue being a hypocrite!” She continued, “Part 2 will explain how I went to jail for his IRS TAX Debt! Yep, I’m spilling it all, until I get my money 💰 !!!! #payyourexkel #deadbeatdad #deadbeatcelebrity like and share! Let’s let him know you can’t do this to your kids and your ex!!! Make him accountable!!! #payyourexkel.”

MIMI FAUST AND TY YOUNG HAVE CALLED OFF THEIR ENGAGEMENT: Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta's MiMi Faust and girlfriend Ty Young have called off their engagement. Recently, a fan asked Ty if she and MiMi were still engaged. She responded, "no." The two announced their engagement last Sunday.