NENE LEAKES SPOTTED WITH MYSTERY MAN: NeNe Leakes was spotted with a mystery man. The two were spotted getting close during a recent outing. Leakes' husband Gregg Leakes passed away after battling cancer a few months back.

ERICA MENA APOLOGIZES TO THE WOMAN SHE ACCUSED OF WEARING ITEMS STOLEN FROM HER HOME: Erica Mena took to social media to apologize to Christy Mahone, whom she accused of wearing stolen items from Atlanta home in May.  Erica wrote via Instagram, “Last May after our home was burglarized and some of my property was stolen, I was informed by a number of sources that an individual named Christy Mahone had been seen in possession of my stolen property. Under circumstances that suggested she knew it was stolen, and I posted statements to that effect on my Instagram account. I have since learned that the information I received about Ms. Mahone was not accurate.” She continued, “So I wish now to take the opportunity to retract my earlier assertions concerning Ms. Mahone. To be clear, I no longer have any reason to believe that Christy Mahone was ever in possession of property she knew to be stolen from me or that she had anything at all to do, directly or indirectly, with the robbery of our home. I apologize to Ms. Mahone.” Mahone responded, “Girl bye.”