NENE LEAKES SAYS HER SON BRENT ISN'T TAKING COVID-19 SERIOUSLY: Nene Leakes took to social media to vent about how her son Brent isnt' taking social distancing seriously. She said, “I’m upset because he had been doing good, he had been staying in since this whole thing started. The last couple days he was like, ‘I really wanna get out and go ride around. And his dad and I were like, okay just ride around, get in your car and come back, do social distancing, don’t talk to anybody, blah, blah blah.” She explained that after allowing him to take a second joy ride, he went out again with his dad Gregg’s permission, barely making it in time for Atlanta’s citywide curfew of 9 p.m. She said she called him and heard other male voices in the background, which made her angry. She said, “A lot of the young people don’t seem to understand how serious this is, especially for someone that has had some sort of health issue in the past. He said to me, ‘You guys are reading too much stuff.’ He doesn’t understand how serious this is.” NeNe revealed that she suffered lung clots back in 2013. She explained, “Although I’m okay today, I still feel like I could prone to something like that, that affects your lungs., And Gregg had–obviously cancer in the past, and I don’t want him to get sick. Because I don’t think that’s anything any one of us could handle. I’m really pissed off. I’m really trying to keep my cool right now.”

TAMMY RIVERA CLAPS BACK AT HATERS: Tammy Rivera clapped back at hater who questioned her worth as a wife to Waka Flocka Flame. The 33-year-old posted a screenshot of a 2017 news article about her testifying in favor of her husband that helped him dodge gun charges. She wrote on Twitter, “Don’t talk to me about being a real WIFE!!! I hold mines down period! He knows wassup! #tammyandwaka #WTF.” She continued, “Enough is enough!! It’s crazy the amount of woman that can talk down on me instead of saying.. Damn Tammy I know you been through a lot just work on getting better instead this old miserable winches rather say I’m not worthy of being a wife/woman?!! Damn lmao.” Tammy and Waka star on their reality series “Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka”, which airs every Thursday on WE TV.

DID B. SIMONE MANIFEST DABABY?: Wild N Out star, comedian and entrepreneur B.Simone may be dating DaBaby! Simone — who hasn't been shy about her crush on the rapper, posted a picture of herself with a mystery man — but fans were quick to point out that the man's hands have the same tattoos that Baby has. Neither B. Simone or DaBaby have confirmed or denied the news.