NIA LONG IS NOT DATING OMARION: Although Nia Long was spotted on the red carpet with Omarion, she has made it clear that she is 100% single. Omarion shared video on social media of him and Nia posing together on the red carpet at the premiere of her latest film You People. After take a few photos, Nia grabbed Omarion's hand and walked past a few photographers. After seeing the rumors circulated, Nia wrote via IG, “Everybody simmer down… I’m single AF [wink-kiss emoji].”

SHA'CARRI RICHARDSON CLAIMS AMERICAN AIRLINES ATTENDANT THREATENED AND HARRASSED HER: According to The New York Post, Track star Sha'Carri Richardson was kicked off an American Airlines flight following a verbal altercation with a flight attendant on Saturday (January 21st). Richardson claimed that the attendant, who identifies as "John," disrespected her while she was taping herself on her phone prior to take off. She posted video of herself in her seat before panning to the flight attendant.  She said, “Prior to the video this gentleman asked me to get off a cell phone call, I did. I stated to him I didn’t like the tone he used with me. Following that while standing in front of me doing the safety protocols he continued to lean over to look at my phone. He asked to see that my phones were in airplane more at this point. He demanded that me show him. Which I did in front of him.” During the video, multiple passengers are heard telling Sha'Carri to stop arguing with the flight attendant. Sha'Carri was later escorted off the plane.