BRE TIESI OPENS UP ABOUT HER RELATIONSHIP WITH NICK CANNON: During an appearance on the Know For Sure podcast, Bre Tiesi opened up about her relationship with Nick Cannon. When B. Simone asked her to define her unconventional relationship with Nick, Bre responded, “This is our relationship and what you do outside of that is what you do outside of that. I’m only worried about my family, I’m worried about my home.” She continued, “All of my needs are met at the end of the day, everything is respectful everything is honest.” Earlier in the interview, she said, “Him and I have had our on-and-off for years….And I just respect and love who he is so much as a person, that when I thought about, ‘Do I want my son to be this person? Look at your characteristics, look at your personality, look at how you treat people…’ That’s what is so much more important to me than anything. And he treats me amazing, so that’s all I look at.”

NENE LEAKES OPENS UP ABOUT WHY SHE CHOSE TO DO BET'S 'COLLEGE HILL' REBOOT: During a recent interview, NeNe Leakes opened up about why she chose to do BET's College Hill reboot. She said, “Well you know I had just lost my husband a few months before I moved into the house and uh, I was a little uneasy about if I should get back into reality TV or not….But I wanted to kind of get my feet wet again because I had stopped doing reality for a minute….This was a great experience.” On how she is dealing with the loss of husband Gregg Leakes, she said, “I have a lot of highs and lows you know it’s a lot…I think that, when people see you functioning that they think that you’re ok and you don’t need anybody but I’m still very much in need….it hasn’t been a full year yet….I’ve been through a lot of transition over the last year….but I have a great support system around me though.”

ERICA MENA GOES OFF ON 'PROSTITUTE' WHO IS DEALING WITH HER EX: Erica Mena took to social media to diss a woman named Kimbella Matos, whom she called a “prostitute.” Mena said, “Talking crazy about your baby mother to your prostitute but you don't even know your kid sizes is a weird flex.” She added, “Be Safe Tho. You gotta be real stupid to let your BS get back to me. I will air you out and bury you.” Matos responded, “It's so funny how I never mention your stupid uneducated ass in a good or bad way because we are both grown and on two different levels mentally, but money couldn't buy you a new p*ssy, could it?” She continued, “Keep my name out your mouth. For someone who's consistently calling other women prostitutes, meanwhile, you have slept with the whole industry for free and dogged out and was recently selling your own p*ssy to a whole soccer player in New York City and you wanna discuss about prostitution?” She added, “You're so silly, you stupid bitch this will be the last time that I would ever give you attention. You're worthless and pointless and clearly, it's obvious because your marriage didn't last a second. Jealousy is a serious disease, kisses. Get well soon hun.”