NICK CANNON ANNOUNCES FAKE 'WHO'S HAVING MY BABY' GAME SHOW:Yesterday (March 7th), Nick Cannon announced a Kevin Hart hosted game show entitled Who’s Having My Baby? With Nick Cannon. Cannon wrote via Instagram, “We’re expecting…a new show on E!” Kevin said in a short promo, “You’re gonna get some contestants that want to have your baby!” The official E! Entertainment Twitter account got in on it too, writing, “We’re def not kidding around! So excited for this!” Variety later reported that the show is a hoax, with Who’s Having My Baby? destined to be a sketch for an “upcoming, not-yet-announced project.”

PHAEDRA PARKS JOINS 'MARRIED TO MEDICINE'; CONTESSA METCALFE EXITS: Contessa Metcalfe has confirmed that she has exited Married To Medicine ahead of season 10. She said, “I decided to quit after last season. I needed a break because it wasn’t highlighting me as a doctor or as a mom…Plus it’s been 5 years! I’m sick of cussing and crying.” It has been confirmed that Phaedra Parks will be joining the show.

DERRICK JAXN'S ESTRANGED WIFE BREAKS SILENCE ON THEIR DIVORCE: Relationship Coach Derrick Jaxn's estranged wife Da'Naia Jackson has broken her silence on their divorce. Jackson posted an Instagram video of herself lip-synching along to gospel singer Koryn Hawthorne‘s “Speak to me.” She captioned the video, “When the man you love & have kids with destroys your soul with reckless decision-making, you must CHOOSE be alone with God. When your heart has been shattered & reshaped into something that doesn’t quite feel normal inside your chest, with mental, emotional, & soul pain that is unbearable, there is only ONE MAN who can fix it, & that is the HOLY SPIRIT.” She continued, “When you are suffering so much that each next breath seems excruciating, & you don’t know how you can live without that man while at the same time being angry with that man because he has crushed your spirit due to his unconscious (penis).One thing God “hates” more than divorce is a woman with a destroyed soul idolizing a man who does not have the power to destroy her soul and body in hell fire (Matt 10:28).”