NICK CANNON OPENS UP ABOUT ENJOYING SEX WITH PREGNANT WOMEN: Nick Cannnon has opened up about having sex with pregnant women. During a Q&A section on The Nick Cannon Show, when asked if men enjoyed sex with pregnant women, Cannon said, “I'm going to be honest, it's the most amazing turn-on. When you see a woman that's bearing your child, that life-bearer, it's magical, it's God-like.” He continued, “I truly think women are the closest thing to God on this planet, especially during that process. I know sometimes you think when you're pregnant you might get a little insecure because your body is not how it normally is, but your body is doing something that my body can't.” He added, “I’m gonna be honest, I’ve noticed a bunch of y’all dudes in my baby mamas’ DMs when they be pregnant. Y’all little freaks!”

SHA'CARRI RICHARDSON OPENS UP ABOUT OLYMPIC SUSPENSION: Sha'Carri Richardson has opened up about her 2021 Olympic suspension. As previously reported, Richardson tested positive for marijuana. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said, “That entire situation taught me to look into myself and to see that I have to be grounded, because do you see how fast they flip?” She continued,m”How I show myself forgiveness is honestly by acknowledging it first, acknowledging the situation for what it is, acknowledging my responsibilities in it, and talking about it to the people I feel like it impacted besides myself. When I had the entire situation of being banned from the Tokyo Games, the people who I talked to first were the people who I felt like were with me the most on the journey. I apologized to them first. I felt like they had to hold my shame as well, in a way — or my guilt, in a way. Acknowledging them made me feel like it was okay within myself…and I actually allowed myself to feel those emotions. That whole situation was a very big growing and touching experience for me and my community.”

NIECY NASH AND JESSICA BETTS COVER ESSENCE: Niecy Nash and wife Jessica Betts are the first same sex couple to cover the March/April issue of Essence. Nash opened up about what attracted her to her wife, saying, “The least of my attraction is gender. What I was and am still attracted to is Jessica’s soul. She was the most beautiful soul I had ever met in my life. Now that I’ve experienced it, I can’t imagine going through life without it.”