NICK CANNON SAYS KYRIE IRVING IS NOT ANTI-SEMITIC: During an interview with leader of the Jewish anti-defamation league, Nick Cannon said, “I Can Wholeheartedly Say I Know Kyrie Irving Is Not Anti-Semitic.” When asked why Kyrie would share a documentary that “dehumanizes” Jews by denouncing the holocaust, Cannon responded, “In that same statement as ‘those are the tropes that dehumanized Jewish people’, the same buck breaking….when the slave master’s would bring the buck – the one that gets out of line so all the others would see lash after lash – showed them the power to set an example of this is what you must do to fall in line.” He added, “So when we see the six things that Kyrie must do to get his job back, that’s dehumanizing.”

EVELYN LOZADA'S DAUGHTER IS DATING NEW YORK GIANTS STAR STERLING SHEPHARD: Evelyn Lozada's daughter Shaneice Hairston is dating New York Giants star Sterling Shephard. Hairlston posted a photo of herself and Shephard, along with the caption, “My babe.” The 29-year-old football star was previously married to model Chanel Iman for three years.