OPRAH AND GAYLE TREND ON SOCIAL MEDIA AFTER HARVEY WEINSTEIN WAS SENTENCED: After Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King started trending online, with many wondering if the two would speak on the sentencing. One Twitter user wrote, “Glad they kept the same energy with Harvey Weinstein as they did with Bill. #23Years. Okay, Oprah and Gayle where's yall interview? Like, yall did with R. Kelly. We showing same energy to all.” Another person wrote, “oprah and gayle real quiet about their bestie getting 23 years in prison.” @ImBeautifulSol tweeted, “Soooo now that disgraced Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for his sex crimes against women, when can we expect the documentary or interview that further tarnish his legacy from Oprah and Gayle? #AskingForAFriend.”

WENDY WILLIAMS TAPES HER FIRST SHOW WITHOUT HER STUDIO AUDIENCE: Yesterday (March 11th), Wendy Williams taped her first show without her studio audience. Instead, she had her staffers sit in the audience while she did her show. She said, “These are the people who support me and what goes on everyday. . . . I've been told this is gonna be going on for a few weeks. . . .”

'GOOD TIMES' STAR JA'NET DUBOIS CAUSE OF DEATH REVEALED: The cause of death for Good Times star Ja'Net DuBois has been revealed. According to TMZ, DuBois died of cardiac arrest. According to her death certificate, rior to her death, DuBois had suffered from peripheral vascular disease and chronic kidney disease, the death certificate shows. She also had high blood pressure. Following her death, DuBois was cremated and her ashes were dispersed at sea. DuBois, who starred as Wilona on Good Times and wrote the theme song for The Jeffersons, died on February 17th at home in her sleep.

DJIMON HOUNSOU SAYS HIS 10-YEAR-OLD SON WAS CALLED THE N-WORD: In a recent interview, Djimon Hounsou revealed that his 10-year-old son Kenzo Lee Hounsou, whom he shares with ex Kimora Lee Simmons, was called the n-word by one of his peers. He explained, “I went to pick up my son from a soccer game one time and he says to me some other kid called him the N-word. That’s how early it starts. He’s wondering, ‘Why do you have to call me that word?’ I was wondering, ‘When do they start to get treated like a second class citizen?"” When asked how he handed the moment, he said he told his son to point out the kid — who was leaving with his parent. He then gave his son some advice, “I said, ‘Well, don’t take that personally. Some people just feel insecure and they just feel like they have to call you some type of derogative word."”