OPRAH FOCUSES ON BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES ON HER 2020 FAVORITE THINGS LIST: Oprah has released her 2020 Favorite Things list and has focused more on Black owned businesses. One of Oprah's favorite things include Teflar Bags, which was created by Teflar Clemens. Oprah revealed about the bag,”This unisex tote has quickly become the new It bag­. Made with feels-like-the-real-thing vegan leather, it’s the perfect size for work or weekend (I take the cream one with me everywhere). And who wouldn’t love the shoulder straps and top handles?”

JOHN BOYEGA IS WORRIED ABOUT HOW HIS BLM SPEECH COULD HURT HIS CAREER: In a new interview, John Boyega admitted that he is worried about how the speech he made about Black Lives Matter earlier this year will affect his career. He said, “I understand, looking from the outside in, it might seem ‘oh, you’ve been in this and you’ve been in that.’ But how many actors do you know who have been in big franchises? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have stability for the rest of your life.” He also recalled his dad's previous experiences with the cops, saying, “I’ve been stopped and searched. And my dad, who was a Pentecostal minister, got stopped on the way back from church. I was little. Everybody knows, especially if you grew up in Peckham, somebody who’s gone through the darkest scenarios with the police.”

ARI FLETCHER THROWS SHOTS AT TAINA WILLIAMS: Ari Fletcher took to social media yesterday and threw shade at G Herbo and his girlfriend Taina Williams. After someone posted a photo of Herbo, he and Ari's son Yosohn and Taina, Ari wrote, “Sweetie please don’t post my son and another girl, removed this.” After fans started questioning her comment, Ari wrote, “I don’t want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her. So I don’t want my son uncomfortable.” Herbo responded, Happy h*es ain’t hating.”