OPRAH WINFREY GETS DRAGGED AFTER SPEAKING ON WHITE PRIVILEGE: Oprah Winfrey was dragged on social media after she spoke about white privilege during her new Apple TV+ series The Oprah Conversation. During a conversation with NFL player Emmanuel Acho, she said that no matter their economic or social status, white people will always conserve a level of privilege simply because they’re white. She said,“No matter where they are on the rung or the ladder of success, they still have their Whiteness.” She continued,“You still have your Whiteness. That’s what the term ‘White privilege’ is. It means that Whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter what.” There were mixed reactions to Oprah's statement. One person tweeted, "Oprah is worth $2.7 billion. She is the richest black woman in the world, yet she still thinks poor white people have more advantage than she does because of their 'whiteness.'" Another person wrote, "Discriminating against white peoples is now a trend. It’s not about equality- this is about 'black is better' as terry crews mentioned." Ted Cruz also commented on what Oprah said, calling it "utter racist B.S."

JURNEE SMOLLETT OPENS UP ABOUT BROTHER JUSSIE SMOLLETT'S SCANDAL: In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jurnee Smollett opened up about her brother Jussie Smollett's scandal and how it has affected their family. She said, “[It’s] one of the most painful things my family’s ever experienced — to love someone as much as we love my brother, and to watch someone who you love that much go through something like this, that is so public, has been devastating. I was already in a very dark space for a number of reasons, and I’ve tried to not let it make me pessimistic.” She continued, “But everyone who knows me knows that I love my brother and I believe my brother." She added, “I mean, f–k, man, I look at him sometimes and I’m like, ‘He’s so strong,'” Jurnee continued, adding that Jussie has been “staying creative, as creatives do” by “singing, writing, working on music.”