PORSHA WILLIAMS WILL BE VERY 'CANDID' ABOUT SIMON GUOBADIA 'SITUATION' IN UPCOMING REALITY SHOW: According to Tamara Tattles, a source recently viewed the first two episodes of Porsha Williams’s upcoming reality show and said that Porsha is "very candid" about her relationship with Simon Guobadia. The source said, “This ‘special series’ is so good. I see why her new agents at UTA advised her to turn down RHOA 14. She can easily get a second season of this. She is so candid about the Simon situation. Her mom, brother, Dennis, sister and Simon bring so much to the table. It is essentially her own ensemble show.” The source added, “The network is trying their best to keep her in the Bravo/NBCU family. I see a season two green light coming soon. ‘Pursuit of Porsha’ premieres in December on Bravo.”

TS MADISON SPEAKS ON DAVE CHAPPELLE DRAMA: TS Madison weighs in on the drama surrounding the new Dave Chappelle Netflix special, The Closer. Some felt that Chappelle's jokes about the LGBTQIA+ and Trans communities were problematic. Trans actress, host, comedian and activist TS Madison shared her thoughts on the special, saying, "That’s it…….#davechappelle I’m not windmilling bout this sh*t no mo‼️ For the REST of y’all 1. you can’t Tell Trans People what they should and Shouldn’t be offered by We don’t do it to black people… 2. If you are a gay man and watched it and weren’t offended by it… Ok… You still can’t tell others what don’t offend them." She later added, "ION GIVE A F*C….I stay strapped Just in case anybody wants to be 'inspired' by anything they’ve seen Be blessed."

BLAC CHYNA GOES OFF ON FAN AT AIRPORT: A video has gone viral of Blac Chyna going off on a fan who asked her for a picture at an airport in Miami this past weekend.  Chyna is seen standing in the terminal with her bodyguards, yelling at the fan, telling her to get “f***ing vaccinated” and to “stop being stupid, h*!” Witnesses say that a woman holding a baby went up to her to ask for the photo, which is when Blac Chyna allegedly started ranting about how the woman better be vaccinated approaching her.