'RHOA' NEWBIE FALYNN GUOBADIA OPENS UP ABOUT FALLOUT WITH LATOYA ALI: Real Housewives of Atlanta newvie Falynn Goubadia has opened up about her issues with co-star LaToya Ali. In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Falynn said their issues started when she first met LaToya and LaToya said that spoke on her marriage to 56-year-old businessman Simon Guobadia, saying that she “looks like” someone who dates older men. Then the two almost came to blows at her Halloween party and Falynn revealed that LaToya called her a racial slur. She said, "The only thing you did not see, she called me Ching Chong on multiple occasions. I think someone told me that she went on Live recently stating that it wasn’t true. Everyone heard it. All the cast members. Everyone was there. She did actually call me Ching Chong, and that’s what made me react in the way that I did… You’re not gonna talk to me like that." 
DREW SIDORA HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH ADENOMYOSIS: RHOA star Drew Sidora has clapped back at Kenya Moore's recent diss to her, saying that she needs plastic surgery. On Sunday (March 28th), Moore shared a photo of Drew Sidora with the caption, “She needs to pay for a tummy tuck." The diss came after Drew made comments about Kenya refusing to take pare in a "booty bounce" during a cast trip to New Orleans. Drew said, “What’s the problem? Girl, you paid for that booty, bounce it.” Drew responded to Kenya's diss, telling Page Six that she was diagnosed with adenomyosis last year, which happens when the tissue lining the uterus grows in its walls. She could have to undergo a hysterectomy.  She said, “What I’m dealing with as a woman, as a mother … this is serious for me.” She added, “It’s one thing to talk about what we go through as woman versus someone who’s unnatural and gets butt shots.”

IS SKAI JACKSON BEEFING WITH JORDYN WOODS' LITTLE SISTER: Was Skai Jackson beefing with Jordyn Woods' little sister Jodie Woods? After rumors starting flying that the two had beef, Jordyn took to social media to address it, saying, “Saying things to my little sister. And don’t realize you’re really talking to a minor and you’re an adult. And if I have to take action on that I will. So keep it up and it’s going to be a problem because I do not mess with people messing with my family, especially when you’re way older than her. And don’t make me make it public because I will. And I’m not playing at all." Skai Jackson later replied, “Jodie Woods and I have never had an issue. We spoke, and are confused about this fake drama. And it’s very sickening. Please leave us alone! Here we go.. making up stories and turning nothing into something.. give me a break!” The drama is allegedly surrounding the fact that 15-year-old Jodie Woods is now dating Solange Knowles' son Juelz. 18-year-old Skai used to date Juelz.