RUSSELL SIMMONS RESPONDS TO HBO'S ON THE RECORD DOCUMENTARY: Russell Simmons has reacted to the upcoming HBO documentary On The Record, which focuses on Drew Dixon, the woman who accused him of sexual assault. He said in a statement,“The stories are 25 to 40 years old. I have taken nine lie detector tests, seven by the president of the California Polygraph Association. Any reporter with any interest in the truth can find it out and they are starting to do so. God will sort that out. A lie can get so big that the truth is forced out." 

VICTOR CRUZ AND KARRUECHE TRAN FACETIMED 20 HOURS A DAY: Victor Cruz has revealed that he and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran have FaceTimed for 20 hours a day. Cruz is currently quarantining in New York while Tran is in LA with her family. During E!'s Top of The Morning, he said, “I’m in this solo and it’s not fun at all, but we probably talk 20 hours a day on FaceTime.” He continued, “I’m buying different meats and fish, and she’s literally on FaceTime walking me through things, and it comes out great. I am an expert at turkey tacos.”

REPORT: 'LITTLE WOMEN: ATLANTA' STAR MS. MINNIE LOST CONTROL OF HER VEHICLE: Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley 'Ms. Minnie" Ross died on Sunday night (April 26th) after being involved in a car accident. According to Love B Scott, reports say that Ashley "Ms. Minnie" Ross actually lost control of her vehicle and crashed onto oncoming traffic. Original reports said that the reality star died after someone hit her car and kept driving.