SCOTT PIPPEN IS 'WOUNDED & DISAPPOINTED' ABOUT HIS PORTRAYAL IN ESPN'S 'THE LAST DANCE': Sources say that Scottie Pippen is “wounded and disappointed” about his prograyal in Michael Jordan's The Last Dance docuseries. Pippen said that it makes him look “underpaid and frustrated.”

D'ANDRE BAKER AND QUINTON DUNBAR ACCUSED OF ARMED ROBBERY: According to TMZ, NFL players D' Andre Baker and Quinton Dunbar have been accused of armed robbery and arrest warrants have been issued. Baker is facing four charges of armed robbery and four charges of aggravated assault with a firearm. Meanwhile, Dunbar is facing four counts of armed robbery. Cops say that the two men were partying at a cookout in Miramar, FL on May 13th when an argument broke out and Baker whipped out a semi-automatic firearm. Cops say the men began to rob party guests with Dunbar assisting in taking watches and other valuables at the direction of Baker. At one point, cops say Baker directed a third man — who was wearing a red mask — to shoot someone who had just walked into the party … but fortunately, no one was actually shot. The Giants have issued a statement regarding Baker's alleged role in the robbery … saying, “We are aware of the situation. We have been in contact with Deandre. We have no further comment at this time.”

CYNTHIA BAILEY SAYS 'PORSHA'S 'RHOA' RECEIPTS WEREN'T A BIG DEAL: During part one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha told Cynthia that Kenya was talking about her behind her back and said she was a fake friend. She later sent texts Kenya sent to her to Cynthia and Andy Cohen. During an interview with Kandi on her Speak On It series, Cynthia said, “Well Initially I was just shocked that it even came up because number one, I can’t imagine that first of all if Kenya had something negative to say about me, I think Porsha would probably be about the last person she would vent to, to call and talk about me to.” She added, “I thought the way that Porsha was talking, the way she was carrying on, I honestly thought Kenya was like going in on me–‘F–k Cynthia,’ you know, ‘I don’t f–k with her,’ you know, ‘I can’t stand that b—h, f—k that ho,’ whatever. I thought she was really going in.” She added, “And the receipts that I got really to be honest were, about Eva!” She continued, “The ways she put on about it, after the way she and Nene drug each other, I just felt like, well if anybody knows a good receipt, it’s Porsha she should know. Girl, that wasn’t nothing. I think we can move past this.” Part two of the reunion airs at 8pm on Sunday.

ERIKA ALEXANDER RECALLS T.C. CARSON BEING FIRED FROM 'LIVING SINGLE': In an intreview with Shadow and Act’s Locked Down With series, she spoke about her Living Single co-star T.C. Carson, who played Kyle Barker being fired after speaking out about the mistreatment of he and his castmembers. She started tearing up, and said, “I was heartbroken. I’m crying all the time, nowadays. I was heartbroken because the whole cast had chemistry but he and I were like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. To have comedic chemistry is very difficult. I find that out now.” She added, “I didn’t know what I was doing after that or how to be. I tried to still be the same Max. He had become my creative partner and my comedy partner. I’m glad for the time we had and the friends I made. But he’s my brother. We’re soulmates because we are born on the same day, November 19. So there’s things we know about each other that are unspoken.”