FANS HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT SHANNON BROWN'S APPEARANCE: Social media had a lot to say about two time NBA champion Shannon Brown's appearance during a recent Big 3 Game. Fans came to Brown's defense, with one person tweeting, "people on here clowning Shannon brown for how he looks Now. God forbid something happen to him or he harms himself , it’s gonna be 'i feel bad you never know what people going through'. Ya don’t care about people’s mental health ya just say it to look good for social media..”

ARI FLETCHER ADDRESSES MONEYBAGG YO BREAKUP RUMORS: Ari Fletcher has addressed rumors that she and Moneybagg Yo broke up. She wrote on instagram, “Y’all said I was talking about him… everything in my life isn’t about my relationship with my spouse. I don’t owe y’all explanations to clear y’all assumptions up. That’s why y’all need to mind y’all business.”  She later wrote to the rapper, “I’m in the bed with your T-shirt on, nothing else… hurry back. If I’m sleep wake me 🙃”