SHARON STONE IS DATING A RAPPER THAT IS 38 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HER: According to Page Six, Sharon Stone is dating an up and coming rapper who is 38 years younger than her. The actress is dating 25-year-old rapper RMR. The two have been rumored to be dating for several months and have been spotted out on dates in Los Angeles.

LAMAR ODOM AND KARLIE REDD GO AT IT SOCIAL MEDIA: Lamar Odom and Love &  Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd went back and forth on social media. Earlier this week, an interview with Karlie was released that showed the reality star stating that she was dating Odom. Odom jumped in the comment section to say he was single and the interview was old.  Karlie tweeted in response, "It would have never worked because He Needs Rehab Not A Relationship or A Situationship!" Odom responded, "Anything to stay relevant [wide eye emoji] I generally do not address this type of nonsense but cmon.' Listen me being in recovery is no secret – I've made some amazing strides and I no longer do drugs #FACTS but I do need rehab. I need to be rehabilitated from my attraction to TOXIC, BITTER, UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with women who need therapy more than they need me !" He later added that he wouldn't "go low" or "take jabs" because "at the end of the day he was "married to a Kardashian so anything less than that is like going from sugar to sh*t." Karlie later told Odom to "please stop with the foolishness" because her original tweet was "old." She added, "I was on TV before I met you!… Pay me all the money you owe me!!!!"

GARY OWEN'S ESTRANGED WIFE PUTS ALLEGED MISTRESS ON BLAST: Gary Owen's estranged wife Kenya Duke took to Instagram to put Owen's alleged mistress on blast, saying, “Does Brianna know I am still paying your bills? How does an old dude, choose a chick that doesn’t care about his relationship with his kids and she got kids? What kind of mother can @_itsbribri_ be? Thanks for all the info in my inbox. I have enough side chicks and escorts in my inbox to last a lifetime. No more needed.” Kenya also claimed  that Gary pays $600 for escorts.