TARAJI P. HENSON RECEIVES COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR OF HOPE AWARD FOR ADVOCACY WORK: Taraji P. Henson was honored yesterday (November 11th) for her work in the mental health community at the virtual 14th Annual HOPE luncheon seminar to benefit the Hope for Depression Research Foundation — a non-profit dedicated to cutting-edge depression research. According to People, during her acceptance speech for the Community Ambassador of Hope Award Taraji said, “We don’t talk about mental health in the Black community.” She continued,”We’ve been taught that we should pray our problems away. We’ve been taught to hold our problems close to the vest out of fear of being labeled weak or inadequate.” Taraji says that he goal is to “normalize how we talk about mental health.”

IS NICK CANNON'S 'WILD N' OUT' COMING BACK?: It looks like Nick Cannon's Wild N Out may be coming back to MTV. According to Variety, ViacomCBS’ Entertainment and Youth Group president Chris McCarthy has hinted at both Cannon and MTV being on better terms leaving the competition show’s return a large possibility. He said, “We continue to follow Nick’s journey and I’m impressed by how he’s owned his mistakes. He’s been an extended part of our family for almost 20 years and a personal friend of mine for almost half that. He’s leading by example, apologized and trying to learn to understand and help others do the same. That’s the kind of partner we want to work with.”

SERENA WILLIAMS' HUSBAND SAYS SHE TAUGHT HIM ABOUT WASHCLOTHS: Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian, Sr. revealed on social media that his wife taught him about washcloths. Ohanian chimed in on a discussion on Twitter where one person asked, “When showering are you a ‘full body washer,’ or an ‘armpits and genitals only’ person?” Most people said that they were full body washers, with some saying that they only wash their armpits and genitals. Ohanian responded, writing, “😂 I wasn't this bad, but my wife definitely taught me what a washcloth was.”

'REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SALT LAKE CITY' STAR MARY COSBY IS MARRIED TO HER STEP-GRANDAD?: Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby is married to her late grandmother's second husband, Robert Cosby Sr. Reports say that her official bio says that she is married to Cosby Sr. to “inherit the family business.” In an interview, she said, “I met my husband through my grandma. You’re dealt with the cards you’re given and it’s up to you to make it happy. I love my life, I live a blessed life and I love Robert Sr.” She continued, “We were kind of a, I would say, an arranged marriage. It was kind of in my grandma’s will for us to marry. 'If anything ever happens to me, Bobby, I want you to marry one of my girls because they’ll look out for you.' The two have been married for 22 years and have a teen son together.

DEBBIE ALLEN SAYS SHE WAS ONCE DENIED ENTRY INTO A DANCE SCHOOL BECAUSE OF HER BODY TYPE: According to The Jasmine Brand, during a recent interview, Debbie Allen recalled the time a dance school turned her down because of her body type. She said, “I had been so well trained by that time by the Houston Ballet Foundation. I got there early, and I watched the auditions, I watched class. I was like, ‘Oh, I know all of this. I’ll be good.’ I got to my audition group and they used me to demonstrate.” She continued, “And then when it was over, I was excited. I wanted to know when I would start. And the man told me I was not going to be accepted because my body type wasn’t right.”She added, “That was just devastating. It still hurts. It stopped me until my mother made me know that I could not have a pity party.” Debbie ultimately attended Howard University and said that it was the “opportunity that became the whole rest of my life.”