TIA MOWRY REFLECTS ON HER MOM BEING RACIALLY PROFILED: Tia Mowry took to Instagram to open up about growing up with a black mother and a white father — and how differently they were treated because of their race. She wrote,“Growing up #biracial, mom is black and dad is white, it was very clear to me seeing the #privilege that my dad had as opposed to my #mother. Some examples, during our #sistersister days when traveling for work we would often fly first class. There were several times my mother was asked if she was in the right seat." She continued, "Another incident that stood out for me was when we were buying our first home as a family. My mother walked in the house model with us asking for a brochure. A person had said the houses were sold out. My dad walked in and it was a different story. My #goalis to see #change. This year has been a tough year. Several tears have been shed. However, a friend told me these tears will not be wasted. The #love and #support around the world has kept me going. A #change is gonna come.”

CARL CRAWFORD ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: According to TMZ, former MLB star turned music executive Carl Crawford was arrested for felony domestic violence in Texas stemming from an incident that happened last month. The alleged victim — who is his ex girlfriend, has claimed that on May 8th, Crawford choked her at gunpoint, slammed her head against a wall several times. The woman was able to escape and call the cops. Crawford also fled the scene but allegedly left his gun. After the incident, the woman claimed that Crawford sent her threatening text messages. Crawford was hit with a charge of assault of a family member – impeding breathing. He surrendered to the cops yesterday (June 4th). In a statement, Crawford's attorney Rusty Hardin said, "We strongly deny the charges and the conduct he is alleged to have engaged in. He would never hurt a woman. He has no criminal history." As of press time, he was still in custody, being held on $10,000 bond.

GAYLE KING FEARS FOR HER BLACK SON: During an interview with The Talk, Gayle King said that she is afraid for her son as a Black man living in America. She explained, “My son is 33 years old, and I’m worried about him, saying, ‘Will, please don’t walk Scott [his dog], please don’t take him for long walks, everything is so volatile. ' He lives in the Santa Monica area, close to there, so he could hear the police choppers and he could hear the sounds of the city. And Santa Monica, as you know, is a very affluent town. I’m worried about him walking his friggin’ dog and he’s 33.” She continued,  “I worry a lot about his safety. People will say to you, Sharon, to be honest with you, welcome to being Black in America. This is not new. But we are more amped up.”