TISHA CAMPBELL POSTS CRYPTIC MESSAGE…IS SHE REFERRING TO WILL AND JADA?: After the news broke about Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina, Tisha Campbell posted a very cryptic message on to her Instagram page. The quote read, “The truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard anyone tries to hide it. Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable.” She added the caption, “Don’t have to say a word… God reveals ALL Can’t pit a spin on that!” When a fan said, “Thank you .. even though they lied to the end,” Tisha responded, “And you’re right!!! They WILL lie to the end. The real Kiki is..people WILL stop BELIEVING them.” After people speculated that she was talking about Will and Jada, Tisha responded, “I don’t do subtweets. I don’t do messy. It’s not your girl, sorry. Don’t be pulling me into no mess.” Will Smith and Tisha's ex husband Duane Martin have been good friends for years and there have been rumors that they are a couple.

TERRY CREWS ADDRESS #BLACKLIVESBETTER COMMENTS: In an interview with Roland Martin, Terry Crews addressed his recent Black Lives Matter comments. He recently tweeted supporters of the movement to make sure they don't turn it into #BlackLivesBetter. After getting dragged on social media, Crews told Martin, “I realized that some Black lives matter more than others, because they don’t want me, as a Black man, to talk. 'You’re gonna make us look bad.’ But the deal is, I don’t care about how we look. I care about how we are.” He continued, “We have to really examine these things within each other.” He added, “This is stuff that I have faced personally, and I just really am tired of actually having to be quiet about it. I love my people so much, and I’m willing to risk it all.”

GARCELLE BEAUVAIS SPEAKS ON THE PRESSURE OF BEING THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN ON 'RHOBH': In an interview with “Reality Life with Kate Casey,” Garcelle Beauvais opened up about being the first Black woman casted on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She said, ” . . . I definitely felt pressure that people wanted me to come in and do a certain thing or have a chip on my shoulder.” She added, “I really didn’t want to be labeled an angry black woman, because that’s not who I am. I just wanted to stay true to who I am, and I think that’s what people have been able to see so far.” She also admitted that she wasn't prepared for the social media aspect of the show. She explained, “I was not prepared for how social media takes over. Lisa Rinna told me that it is one thing to shoot the show. It’s another to see it and what the others have said about you. Then the whole world weighs in. There are many layers to be on the show.”