WOMAN CLAIMS TRISTAN THOMPSON FATHERED HER CHILD: A woman is claiming that Tristan Thomas is the father of her child. According to Gossip Of The City, the unnamed woman claimed that they took a DNA test back in January but she thinks it was compromised because he picked his own DNA specialist. The woman claims that Tristan has agreed to take a second DNA test as she insists that she was “100% only with him.” The woman also accused Tristan's ex Khloe Kardashian of paying “some folks off because they know I know lots of dirt on him” and to shut her up. The woman saidm “So basically they think I will go away but I won’t I know for a fact he is my sons father!!” She also claims that a sex tape exists of her and the NBA star.

ADRIENNE BAILON REVEALS WHAT ATTRACTED HER TO HUSBAND ISRAEL HOUGHTON: During an Instagram Live with Fat Joe, Adrienne Bailon revealed what attracted her to her husband Israel Houghton. She said, “He was my friend. He was genuinely my friend. He’ll let me say this, but when we first met he never thought I’d ever be interested in him, so he never tried to put the mack on me like that. He never tried anything because he’s like, it’s never going to happen. I’m probably not her type. I’m way older than her. He literally says he didn’t try." He added, "That’s actually what was dope and attractive to me about him. He was just my friend and let me be who I really am.”

MALIA OBAMA BULLIED OVER HER HEAD SHAPE AFTER APPEARING IN MICHELLE OBAMA'S 'BECOMING' NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY: Malia Obama is being dragged on social media for the shape of her head after her appearance in her mom Michelle Obama's Netflix documentary Becoming. One person tweeted, "Man Malia Obama got a long ass head, she’s still beautiful tho lol." Another person tweeted, "Malia Obama head do look like a house phone."


AHMAUD ARBERY'S MOM SEEKS DEATH PENALTY FOR MEN CHARGED WITH SON'S MURDER: Wanda Cooper- Jones, the mother of Ahmaud Arbery, wants the death penalty for the two men who murdered her son. She told TMZ, "I would like for all hands that were involved, that played a part in my son's murder, to be prosecuted to the highest. Coming from my point of view, my son died, so they should die, as well." Cooper-Jones previously said that she wanted Gregory and Travis McMichael to serve life sentences.