TYLER PERRY SPEAKS ON HIS OWN SUICIDE ATTEMPTS FOLLOWING TWITCH'S DEATH: In an Instagram video, Tyler Perry opened up about his own suicide attempts in the wake of Stephen 'tWitch' Boss suicide.  In the video, entitled "Life," he said, “I like the rest of the world am shocked by the death of Stephen Boss, tWitch.” He added that the tragedy urged him to share a message “to any of you who are going through hard times, struggling.” He explained, “I’ve only met him a couple of times.  He was always full of life, it seemed like, such a light.” He continued, “With that said, I just want to take you back to a time in my life when I tried to commit suicide, a couple of times, because it was so dark I didn’t think it would get any better. I had endured so much pain, so much abuse, sexual abuse, it was all so hard to just move through that I thought the only way to make this better was to end my life. Had any of those attempts happened, I would’ve missed the best part of my life." To people going through tough times right now, Perry said, “I know it may seem like there’s no hope, but please reach out to someone … call, ask for help if you are dealing with anything that is emotionally taking you to a place where you think you want to end your life.”

SHEREE WHITFIELD VOTED ONE OF 2022'S MOST STYLIST: The New York Times has included RHOA star Sheree Whitfield on their list of the 93 most stylish people in 2022. They wrote about the reality star and fashion designer, "The launch of She by Shereé was more bumpy than Whitfield expected. After her pieces were released, she was trending for all the wrong reasons. At one point, the ATL housewife was dragged because her clothing line had identical pieces to the fast-fashion brand Shein. Whitfield said the identical pieces happened because they share the same vendor, which she didn’t know.