TYLER PERRY REVEALS HE WRITES ALL OF HIS TV SHOWS BY HIMSELF: Tyler Perry has revealed that he writes all of his TV shows by himself. He shared a video of a pile of scripts on Instagram, along with the caption, “I don’t know if you know this, but all shows on television have a writers room. And most of the time there are 10 people, 12, whatever, that write on these television shows. Well, I have no writers room. Nobody writes any of my work. I write it all. Why am I tell you this? I wrote all of these scripts by myself in 2019. What’s my point? Work ethic!”

AVA DUVERNAY CALLS OUT MEGYN KELLY FOR COLIN KAEPERNICK COMMENTS: Director Ava Duvernay called out Megyn Kelly for her recent comments about Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick recently shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump striking Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, saying, “There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against Black and Brown people for expansion for American imperialism.” Megyn Kelly replied, “Because everything is racist. Everything. Even fighting back against terrorists who kill Americans. Nike, feeling proud?” Ava jumped in, saying, “Shame on you, Megyn.” Megyn responded, “No, I will not be shamed over calling out bulls— claims of racism – which undermine the legitimate claims. Killing a terrorist is not about skin color; it’s about protecting our country from a guy who murdered hundreds of Americans, period.” Ava then wrote, “You should be ashamed. Educate yourself before you talk about racism and legitimate claims. You sound like what you are. Ignorant. Attention seeking. And desperate.” Kelly then said, “If you think Soleimani was killed because of his skin color, you’re the one who needs to educate herself. Work on shaming someone else.”

AMANDA SEALES IS THE PERMANENT FIFTH CO-HOST OF 'THE REAL': It's official! Amanda Seales has been named the fifth co-host of The Real. Seales said on the show yesterday (January 6th) “I’m tripping right now.” She said about guest hosting last year, “What was always so great when I would come and guest-host with y’all was, I remember at the end of the first two weeks I looked up and was like, ‘Wait, I was myself for the whole two weeks and I didn’t have to think about anything.'” She added, “To be able to have the honor of bringing my voice into that means a lot to me. I have been at this a long time. I did not just show up/ I am not new to this y’all. So, to get to be here and have somewhere to sit everyday and be myself and talk to the world is an honor.”