TYRESE IS TRYING TO GET HIS WIFE BACK: Tyrese took to Instagram to congratulate Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy for their 25th anniversary, but he also took the opportunity to try to get his wife back. He wrote under Tammy's Instagram post, “Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Magic Magic and more magic….. Dear Samantha this was supposed to be us…. remember the franklins was our marriage GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling smiling……. I’m gonna get her back watch me! I think “

DWYANE WADE WANTS TO START AN ONLYFANS ACCOUNT WITH WIFE GABRIELLE UNION: Dwyane Wade has revealed that he'd like to start an OnlyFans account with wife Gabrielle Union. He tweeted, “I’m trying to convince my wife that we should start a only fans account and she’s looking at me like…” He later added, “Nothing sexual guys. Get your mind outta there.” Gabrielle responded, “Sir…” along with a meme of Bernie Sanders looking puzzled and slamming his hand on a desk.

NATE PARKER OPENS UP ABOUT 'AMERICAN SKIN': During an interview with Hip Hollywood, Nate Parker revealed that his film American Skin was created prior to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's brutal killings. American Skin is about a man whose 14-year-old son is killed by a white cop. Parker said about the film, “I made this the beginning of 2019. So this is pre George Floyd, pre-everything. And I took custody of my nephew when he was 13, and brought him from Virginia to Los Angeles and put him in a school that was in a very nice part of town, and thought to myself, ‘Hey, now he can live his life uninhibited. And then Michael Brown got killed, and he comes to me and says, ‘What do I do if I get pulled over on my bike?” This is when Parker decides to make American Skin.