TYRESE REACTS TO WILL SMITH'S APOLOGY VIDEO: Tyrese took to social media to respond to Will Smith's recent apology video to Chris Rock. Tyrese said, “We all just watched a video with ALL HEART that would of never ever been uploaded from anyone on this earth like this but WILL SMITH.” He continued, “Will Smith if you see this message big bro the real ones out here love you and have never ever stopped loving you because we know you are HUMAN. We also have never stopped loving Chris, his family or Jada or your family… You def broke the internet… But if Suge Knight had slapped someone at the Oscars it would of been in the blogs for 4 days and been over… If sic wasn’t the slap or the mistake it was because it was YOU that slapped and made the mistake.”

KANDI BURRUSS THINKS MARTELL HOLT IS USING SHEREE WHITFIELD FOR PUBLICITY: Kandi Burruss is wondering if Martell Holt is only dating RHOA star Sheree Whitfield for publicity. During a radio interview, she said, “I don’t want her to be in a situation where it feels like she’s being used for publicity.” Burruss also revealed that one of her friends went on a date with Martell earlier this year at her Blaze restaurant. She said, “She was like … ‘We’re gonna have someboy taking our pictures and video so they can post it.' But no blog really posted. My whole point was now that I see this similar situation, I’m like is he doing this? Is he genuine or is he doing the same thing that he was doing to the other person?”

TISHA CAMPBELL IS A FAN OF VIBRATORS: During an interview with Page Six, Tisha Campbell revealed that since getting divorced, she's become a fan of vibrators. When asked if she was looking for love, she said, “Hell no! I’m looking for me! That’s the thing about actually being uncoupled and coming from being in a long-term relationship of 26 years.” She continued, “I’m learning about who I am and I’m super excited about that, so that’s where I am right now. It’s about me and my kids and that’s it right now.” On sex toys, she said, “Hell yeah, toys! Oh, I keeps sic me a good toy buzzing around every now and then. You know what I’m damn talking about. Toys, toys, toys.”

INSTAGRAM MODEL GENA TEW SAYS AIDS MADE HER BLIND AND IMMOBILE: During an interview with TMZ, Instagram model Gena Tew revealed that AIDS made her blind and immobile. Tew also revealed that she has informed her former sexual partners of her status and so far none of them have tested positive. She also denied rumors that she has been sexually involved with Chris Brown and Nick Cannon.