WENDY WILLIAMS DOESN'T PLAN ON GETTING THE COVID-19 VACCINE: In an interview with Dr. Oz, Wendy Williams revealed that she has no plans on getting the COVID-19 vaccine. She said, “I'm not getting the vaccine. I don't trust it. I rarely get sick.” She continued, “I've never gotten a flu shot either and I've never had the flu.” When Dr. Oz asked her why, she said, “Doctors are really smart people but doctor's don't know everything. And that's been proven as well.” She later added “I'm not saying you shouldn't get the vaccine. I'm just saying I'm not getting the vaccine.”

ERICA MENA DOESN'T WANT YOUR MARRIAGE ADVICE: Days after her husband Safaree revealed on social media that he is ready to leave his marriage, Erica Mena revealed that she isn't looking for marital advice from anyone. The reality star tweeted, “I don’t run to y’all about my marriage issues so please save the energy sic on giving me advice. I know what’s what. I do what’s best. And if I’m not the best version of myself for whatever reason that isn’t fair to my kids. MY KIDS come before every and anything.” She continued, “ENERGY I will always have: Never has a relationship made me or broke me. RT if this is true for you.”

'RHOP' ASHLEY DARBY GIVES BIRTH TO SECOND CHILD: Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby has given birth to her second child yesterday (March 2nd). According to Page Six, the 32-year-old announced the news on her Instagram Story by posting a picture of her brand new baby boy ladying on her chest. She said, “Thank you all so much for the kind and warm wishes you sent to us. This is our sweet baby born today, he is absolutely incredible and amazing and we are over the moon excited.” This is the second child for Ashley and husband Michael — who also has two adult children from a previous relationship.

CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST AND FORMER CLINTON ADVISOR VERNON JORDAN DIES: Reports say that Vernon Jordan, civil rights activist and former advisor to president Bill Clinton, has died. According to CBS News, Jordan's family said that he died on Monday (March 1st) at 85. In a statement, Jordan's daughter Vickee Jordan Adams, said, “my father passed away last night around 10p surrounded by loved ones, his wife and daughter by his side.” Jordan is survived by his wife, Ann, and his daughter, Vickee.